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Creativity at Vermont Academy

From the physics whiz who discovers a talent for graphic design and decides to make it her career, to the varsity basketball player who gets on stage for the 24-hour play festival, to the soccer team captain who plays drums in the jazz ensemble, to the robotics team member who is also a ruthlessly organized stage manager, every student at Vermont Academy gets involved in the arts.

All first-year students take a year-long introduction to visual and performing arts. Each year, our students win numerous Scholastic art and writing awards. In 2016, Vermont Academy won more Scholastic awards than any other high school in Vermont.

At Vermont Academy, the variety of courses, small class sizes, and individual attention provide an excellent environment for students to discover their own creative talents. Whether your passion is art, theater, music, photography, or filmmaking, you'll find our classes fun, challenging, and rewarding. Our arts faculty members provide a wide range of fields of study and discipline, and it is their hope that each student will embrace the arts as a lifelong interest. Our beautiful rural campus provides endless inspiration and plenty of space for private work and contemplation.