Exploration Inspired

Vermont Academy teachers believe that the value of learning and knowledge cannot be fully realized if confined to the traditional classroom alone.  We cultivate a learning culture where our students’ individuality and ingenuity, our land, and our community liberate learning and knowledge for life.

Growth Oriented

In every area of their education, we meet students where they are as learners and members of the community and help them set a compelling trajectory toward achievement. With our MAPS® (My Action Plan for Success) program, we empower students to set their own goals and coach them as they work to reach them. Teachers focus on identifying and cultivating talent and creativity, fostering growth, and emphasizing the importance of the journey as well as the destination.

Student Focused

At Vermont Academy, every decision teachers make is driven by an emphasis on what is best for the students, first and foremost. We prioritize making ourselves accessible and available to facilitate the growth of each individual student and their need to prepare for a changing world.
Vermont Academy is a coed college preparatory boarding and day school in southern Vermont, serving grades 9-12 plus a postgraduate year.