Center for Learning Faculty

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  • Photo of Peter Ahlfeld

    Mr. Peter Ahlfeld 

    Director of Learning Skills / Math Faculty
    Clark University - BA
    University of Connecticut - MA
  • Photo of Amy Lanterman

    Ms. Amy Lanterman 

    Learning Skills Faculty/ Head Coach, Dance Team
    (802) 869-6686
    Johnson State College - BS

Center for Learning

At Vermont Academy, we pride ourselves on meeting and supporting students where they are on their academic journey. We respect that each student brings to their academics varying learning styles and pace. Collectively, our team has over 120 years of teaching experience, and are dedicated to your student's success.
The Center for Learning builds confidence, allowing each student to reach his or her fullest potential.
The Center for Learning at Vermont Academy models and supports behaviors that foster self-advocacy and independence. We work with students during their time here so that when they are ready to enter college, they are comfortable accessing resources on their own. 

When we see a student begin to succeed in their academics, they shine with a new sense of confidence and interest in their work that is rewarding for students, their teachers, and their family.

Our Learning Specialists Focus on Four Core Areas to Enhance a Student's Learning Experience:

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  • 1. Building Motivation and Confidence

    A lack of motivation and confidence are often tightly intertwined in a student. Low motivation and confidence can manifest in a lack of attention, productivity, and performance. Helping a student build self-awareness, self-advocacy, and self-efficacy--as well as finding competency anchors in things he or she already loves and feels comfortable with--are what Vermont Academy's Learning Specialists do very well. Helping students unlock their potential is extremely rewarding work.
  • 2. Coaching for Executive Function and ADHD

    Many students struggle with executive function. This means they find it difficult to organize or regulate themselves. Sometimes this presents as an inability to organize a notebook, or to filter and choose appropriate interpersonal behaviors. Vermont Academy's experts in executive function use research-based approaches to offer strategies and tools to combat challenges that arise for students with difficulty in executive function.
  • 3. Managing Long-term Projects

    Project management is a skill that we often teach in the Learning Center, assisting a wide variety of students. One of Vermont Academy's missions is to prepare all students for college-level work. Therefore, teachers will often assign projects that require planning, organization, and discipline. Students must learn to manage their time, materials, and resources to achieve success. Our Learning Specialists teach students how to construct timelines and utilize approaches to complete projects on time and at a level of personal excellence.
  • 4. Tutoring for Specific Subjects

    In addition to partnering with students to improve executive function, organization, long-term planning, and general study skills, each Learning Specialist has expertise in specific subjects. Vermont Academy offers tutors who specialize in chemistry, biology, physics, all math subjects, history, writing, literature, and Spanish. All together, the Learning Center team has expert content knowledge in nearly every subject taught at the Academy.