In 2014 Mitchell Thomashow wrote in The Nine Elements of a Sustainable Campus, “Rapid global environmental change is a contemporary reality, whether it affects the campus through climate change, through loss of biodiversity, through environmental pollution, through the provision of energy and food, or through the effects of a superstorm. The campus has a moral obligation to raise community awareness about these issues because they will ultimately affect the lives of all of its students.”

This is at the core of our Sustainability Program, which is woven into our everyday lives due to our location in Vermont. A state known for its natural beauty, progressive views on community, social justice, and environmental conservation. Our Sustainability Program and Environmental Club are rooted in these local values while also maintaining a global perspective on issues surrounding humankind and our relationship with the natural world.

We have a thriving composting program, switched to a zero-sort recycling system, and installed water bottle stations and water-saving toilets around campus. Students can become involved with the Sustainability Program in the classroom through experiential courses, extracurricular activities, and campus partnerships and events. These opportunities include, but are not limited to AP Environmental Science, Ecology, Fall Sustainability Team, Environmental Club, Earth Day. Environmental Activism, and the Maple Sugaring Program.
Vermont Academy is dedicated and actively becoming a more sustainable campus. Our Sustainability Program enables us to educate and empower our students and the VA community members to become active and environmentally-conscious global citizens.
Vermont Academy is a coed college preparatory boarding and day school in southern Vermont, serving grades 9-12 plus a postgraduate year.