College Counseling

At Vermont Academy, we enjoy helping our students tap their potential as scholars, athletes, artists, and humanists, and are committed to helping them communicate their strengths, passions, and ideas.
We strive to help our students find the colleges that match their abilities and interests and where they can be successful. From the moment they join our close-knit community, we work closely with our students to determine the right balance of academic challenge and extracurricular activity to serve them well on the road ahead.

A good college search and application process requires two bases of knowledge: self-knowledge and a thorough understanding of colleges and universities with programs and people that support and encourage student interests and abilities. We ask our students to examine their academic histories, their strengths and weaknesses, and their development as people as we begin to acquaint them with the numerous and different institutions and what may interest these schools in candidates for admission.

As our students become more familiar with their own needs, they typically generate excellent questions about colleges, programs, and services available to them after high school. Finding the right college fit is an important journey in self-awareness and one that asks our students to seek direction. At Vermont Academy, we are committed to providing them with the expertise, guidelines, and resources to make that process run both smoothly and effectively.

College Representatives

Vermont Academy has subscribed to for scheduling visits from college admissions counselors. Please go to the website, search for our school, and you will be able to see the available days and time slots. If you do not find a time that is convenient for you, please call our office at 802-869-6299 or email Anne Atkins at for assistance. Thank you.