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Vermont Academy:  Once Upon a Mattress

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  • Mr. Steve Cady 

    Performing Arts Chair / Music Programs
    (802) 869-6213
    Keene State College - BA
    Keene State College - BM
  • Mr. Dan Burmester 

    Head of Theater Arts / Performing Arts Faculty
    Emerson College - MA
    SUNY New Paltz - BS
  • Ms. Amy Lanterman 

    Learning Skills Instructor / Head Coach, Dance Team
    (802) 869-6686
    Johnson State College - BS

Performing Arts

At Vermont Academy, students can follow their passion

One of the exceptional advantages of Vermont Academy's small community is that all students can participate where their passion takes them. This benefit really takes flight in Vermont Academy's Performing Arts program, with areas of study including theater, music, and dance. It is extremely rewarding to watch freshmen explore their talents in the 9th Grade Arts program and transform into seasoned perfomers, writers, directors, and technicians by their senior year. The Peforming Arts Calendar is bursting with performances, including show favorites with guest appearances by faculty and broader community members. Please take a moment to review our programs and email us with any questions.
The Vermont Academy Performing Arts Department strives to make the performing arts accessible to all, empowering students to become creative collaborators in hopes of enriching the community at large.

Emily Dixon, Technical Director

Vermont Academy's 24-Hour Play Festival provides students with opportunities to develop all of their artistic passions from music, theater, and dance to writing, technology, and design.