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Introducing Our Dean of Residential Life and Belonging Eddie Carson

Vermont Academy is thrilled to announce the hiring of Dean of Residential Life and Belonging Eddie Carson.
A 20th-century scholar of American race and religion, a DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) leader, and an educator, Eddie has had an illustrious career. He joins us from Governor’s Academy where he was the Dean of Multicultural Education.

“I am most excited about partnering with students to develop a residential life curriculum that creates a campus environment where all students feel so comfortable that they might actually forget that they are away from home,” says Eddie.

Eddie earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in History and Biblical Christianity from Harding University (AR). 

He is the co-author of “Historical Thinking Skills” and co-editor of “Socialism and Democracy in the Life And Thought of W.E.B. Du Bois”. He recently completed a book chapter entitled "W.E.B. Du Bois: A Communist and A Socialist" for Oxford University Press. 

Additionally, he has presented papers and workshops and sat on panels at leading diversity, equity, and inclusion conferences regarding race and inclusive policies in independent schools and historical association conferences.

“As a scholar, I have focused much of my work on building communities. Community and our sense of it is what makes it truly ubiquitous. Being a community of learners allows us to delve into the uncomfortable. Hence, it is how we grow.”

While Dean of Residential Life isn’t a foreign title at VA, the addition of the word “belonging” is new. “Belonging is a part of everyone’s job title; it is not just my job but the job of everyone to make all students, faculty, and staff continue to feel as though Vermont Academy is their school,” Eddie details. “Belonging is crucial because it fulfills a fundamental need for connection and acceptance, fostering emotional and psychological well-being. At VA, we can work toward belonging but cannot tell folks they belong; we must show them through our actions.” 

With a clear passion for teaching and advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion, Eddie is looking forward to weaving these motivations into his work at VA.

“I am a strategic thinker; I do believe that to wholly achieve a full sense of belonging, I must work with colleagues to inculcate shared definitions of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. If we understand the depth and gravitas of these important values as a community, we all must engage in DEIB.”

He and his wife Janette Carson are looking forward to becoming members of the VA community this summer. “Living among folks I teach and work with is why we love boarding schools. We are a boarding school family. It is the norm to host colleagues and students at our home for dinner.”

Welcome, Eddie!
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