Fall Sports & Activities Awards 2023

On Tuesday, November 14, Vermont Academy held its annual Fall Athletics and Afternoon Activities Awards during Formal Meal in Shepardson Center. It was a great night of celebrating student achievements at the end of a successful fall season. Students were dressed their best, teams sat together at tables, and each coach/activity leader took to the podium to speak highly of their team.
Best Overall - Robert “Mac” Knisley ’24

Boys’ JV Soccer
Most Improved Player - Aidan Garvey ’26
Most Valued Player - Lincoln Cromey ’25

Girls’ JV Soccer
Most Improved Player - Madelyn “Maddy” Spires ’27
Most Valued Player - Kailin Sullivan ’25

Wilderness Skills
Three Pillars Award
This award goes to a member of Wilderness Skills who voluntarily takes the lead role in activities providing a strong energy that positively affects the other members of the team - Andy Darcy ’25

Muir Award 
This award goes to a member of Wilderness Skills who heard the Call of the Wild, answered with a fierce adventurous spirit, and kept close to nature’s heart (something that Mr. John Muir did) - Khiêm Nguyen ’24

Most Dedicated - Caitlin Masure ’25

Strength and Conditioning
Most Dedicated Boy - Declan Ginty ’25
Most Dedicated Girl - Meg Allbee ’27

Most Improved Rider - Carlen Tendler ’25

Most Improved Girl Rower - Juliette Bélanger ’25
Most Improved Boy Rower - Cole Allen ’24
Leadership Award - Grace Duffy ’24

Mountain Biking
Most Improved Girl Rider - Elizabeth Thompson ’27
Most Valued Girl Rider - Skyler Jean Nunez-Alvarez ’27
Most Improved Boy Rider - Oliver Norkun ’26
Most Valued Boy Riders - Dane Mulverhill ’24 and Jake Varga ’26

Cross Country
Most Improved Runner - Mauro De La Cruz Oria ’25
Angus Black ’41 Award 
This award is presented to the member of the cross country squad who through enthusiasm, diligence, self-sacrifice, and team spirit has made the most outstanding contribution to the success of the Cross Country team - Yuliang “Raymond” Feng ’25

Boys’ Varsity Soccer
Most Improved Player - Arjan Ahuja ’26

Randall Clair Stevens ’83 Award 
This award goes to a member of the boys’ soccer team who, throughout the season, showed perseverance, dedication, enthusiasm, and above all a total love for the sport, traits that Randall exhibited while a member of the VA Varsity soccer team - Alonso Serrano Martinez ’25

Ole-Petter Worsøe Award 
This award goes to the soccer player who through leadership, sportsmanship, and competitiveness has contributed the most to the spirit and success of the team - Eduardo Gutiérrez Ruano ’24

Girls’ Varsity Soccer
Most Improved Player - Honora Walsh ’26
Most Valued Player
Allison Lanzetta '95 Award
This award recognizes determination, hard work, and unselfish dedication. It goes to the member of the Girls Varsity Soccer team who has contributed most to the success of the team. These contributions are measured by their strong leadership in practice and games, and most importantly, by their positive influence on other members of the team - Sydney Palmiotto ’24

Coaches Award - Carmen Traba Chacon ’26

The full album of photos can be found here.
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