Intro to 3D Art Installation in Fuller Hall

The Intro to 3D class recently completed an installation based on the work of Lee Bontecou who, according to MoMA, is an "American sculptor and printmaker and a pioneer figure in the New York art world. 
She kept her work consistently in a recognizable style, and received broad recognition in the 1960s." Students learned about how she worked and what her work looked like before creating their own individual Bontecou inspired boxes. After drawing, creating and critiquing their pieces, the class worked on-site as a group to install one giant box which is now on display in Fuller Hall.
Following are the names of those students whose work is part of the overall installation: Tyler Andrews ’21, Taylor Hennum ’20, Andy Jeon ’22, Edward Liang ’20, Omela Mudogo ’22, Chisom Okpara ’22, Kim Osmec Perusa ’22, Maika Paquin ’22, Caroline Plyler ’20, Lilly Schlosser ’22, and HanJun Yang ’23.