Youth Climate Congress at Vermont State House

On Sunday, November 17, Vermont Academy students attended the Youth Climate Congress at the Vermont State House in Montpelier with Director of Environmental Programs & Sustainability, Ms. Chrstine Armiger. 
The Youth Climate Congress is a civil, civic gathering of students that builds on some of Vermont’s greatest traditions to show lawmakers what climate courage can look like. Cedar Jones ’20, Aaron Brown ’20, Lauren Eppinger ’20, Lauren Goll ’20, Maggie Adams ’20, Miao “Jerry” Lin ’20, and Ellie Matte ’20 joined students from across the state to pass a declaration of freedom from fossil fuels and a resolution urging policymakers to protect the future by taking immediate action to the climate crisis. The students then divided into six sub-committees in order to craft policy recommendations for the Vermont legislature
The Vermont Youth Lobby organized the event because they feel that the Vermont youth hold the moral high ground in the climate debate. According to the Vermont Youth Lobby website, “we are least responsible for the crisis, yet are the ones who will inherit the mess. We are dynamic, trusted messengers who can cut through the noise and connect with Vermonters from all walks of life.” The Youth Lobby’s mission is to amplify student voices on political issues that matter most to Vermont youth.  Read more about the day here.