April Scholars of the Month

JaeHyeong “Andy” Jeon ’22
This months scholar of the month for the class of 2022 is JaeHyeong “Andy” Jeon. Ms. Catsos writes, “Andy takes every opportunity to ask for help and asks questions that create discussion for the whole class. His enthusiasm for current events around the world adds so much to our Modern Comparative Cultures class.” Ms. Murphy said, “Andy is truly interested in learning, and he asks many questions whenever we study a topic.” Mr. Williams writes, “In our Conceptual Physics class, Andy is tenacious! His thirst for knowledge is nearly unquenchable and his pursuit of perfection is constant.”

Trevor Palmiotto ’21
For the month of April the class of 2021 scholar of the month is Trevor Palmiotto. His Honors Pre-Calculus teacher said, “Trevor excels in honors pre-calculus. He works very hard to make sure he knows how to understand the material and receive the best grade he can possibly get.” Ms. Patch wrote, “Trevor is a steady and focused presence in Health class, quiet as you would expect right up until the moment when he answers a question exactly on point and/or contributes just the right concept to a discussion.”

Emma Ostiguy ’20
The April Scholar of the Month for the class of 2020 is Emma Ostiguy. The Scholar of the Month is a student who is nominated by their teachers for their dedication to a job well done, their focus in the classroom, and the constant effort they show outside of class. These are all attributes that Emma has in spades. The most common words used to describe Emma as a student are: dedicated and compassionate. She is that student who lifts up others around her and helps achieve not only excellence for herself, but those around her as well.
Emma's adviser, Christine Armiger, had this to say about Emma: Emma has been consistently making me proud since she joined my advisory group this year. She has worked so hard in all of her classes and balances her academic work with her commitment to her sports teams. If Emma is struggling, she seeks extra help. When encouraged by her parents to take an 6th class this spring she rose to the challenge and continued to earn As in all of her other classes. Emma's teachers describe her as responsible, diligent and organized and often remark on her positive attitude and friendliness to her peers.

Wanyue “Jessica” Dong ’19
Jessica is a joy to have in class. Her dedication to her work is admirable and contributions to class are always insightful. She is a critical thinker and a wonderfully kind person. If I'm ever not totally sure about a practice problem in AP Stats, Jessica is my go-to. She has an incredible mind for both the big concepts and the little details. Jessica is diligent and holds herself to a high standard. She takes every opportunity to improve her work and asks excellent questions to make sure she fully understands each concept.