Scholastic Art & Writing Award Winners

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers.
The Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and present their remarkable work to the world through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Through the Awards, students receive opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships. Students across America, this year, submitted nearly 350,000 original works in 29 different categories of art and writing.

This year, thirty-nine Vermont Academy students won 29 honorable mentions, 38 Silver Keys, and 8 Gold Keys. Two students were nominated for the American Voices medal as well. This special honor is given to only five writers in each region and Vermont Academy earned two of the five! Gold Key and American Voices winners will be judged at the National level in March.

All winners are invited to attend an award assembly at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center (BMAC) on Saturday, March 2.

Full list of recipients (alphabetical order):
Ahn, Jungnam — Grade 11
woman with bag — Silver Key, Photography

Annis, Sarah — Grade 11
C-SPAN: An American Institution — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Baker, Daniel — Grade 12
Jumping — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir
Taiwan — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Blossom, Zoee — Grade 12
Elegance in Nature — Honorable Mention, Art Portfolio
Invasive — Honorable Mention, Painting

Buchanan, Seth — Grade 12
Depths of Hell — Honorable Mention, Science Fiction/Fantasy

Cavanaugh, Aishling — Grade 12
Yes, I Do Play Hockey. — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Curtis, Jakob — Grade 12
My Car — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Dong, Wanyue — Grade 12
I Speak For the Sea Turtles — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Dranfield, Owen — Grade 12
The Game — Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir

Engle, Cody — Grade 12
Cable Box — Gold Key, Flash Fiction

Eppinger, Lauren — Grade 11
But fantasy kills imagination - Iris Murdoch — Silver Key, Painting
Who Gets Water? — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir
Where I'm From — Silver Key, Poetry

Evee, Travis — Grade 12
This I Believe — Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir

Feloney, Cameron — Grade 11
Silence — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Fuller, Miranda — Grade 12
Cafe 7 — Gold Key, American Voices Nominee, Flash Fiction
Coming Up Roses — Gold Key, Personal Essay/Memoir
Path of Totality — Gold Key, Dramatic Script
Isa Bella — Silver Key, Short Story
Koru — Silver Key, Writing Portfolio
House of Õelus — Silver Key, Science Fiction/Fantasy
The Whole Story — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir
Something to Play With — Silver Key, Writing Portfolio
Childcare in the 18th Century — Honorable Mention, Critical Essay
Rose Colored Water — Honorable Mention, Flash Fiction
Theory of Concentricity — Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir

Goldman, Makenzie — Grade 12
A Tedious Lunchtime Tradition — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Goldstein, Devin — Grade 12
Queer College Manifesto — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir
Generic Jews & Me — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir
When the Youth Go Marching — Honorable Mention, Journalism

Gong, Aaron — Grade 12
Another World — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Hansen, Mark — Grade 12
untitled — Silver Key, Photography
city vibes — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir
Obelisk — Honorable Mention, Photography

Harrington, Spencer — Grade 10
My Heart, My Tradition — Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir

Hepensteil, Steven — Grade 12
The Ninja Clubhouse — Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir

Holcombe, Darwin — Grade 11
The Escape — Honorable Mention, Digital Art
Shipwrecked. — Honorable Mention, Photography

Huang, Gary — Grade 11
Ugly Sweatshirt — Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass
Sands Of Coliseum — Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass

Hubbard, James — Grade 12
Cheese-based Revenge — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Hughes, Maureen — Grade 12
Behind the Iris — Silver Key, Writing Portfolio

Jacobelli, Sarah — Grade 12
Metamorphosis — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Kendrick, Sam — Grade 12
Unschooling Myself — Silver Key, Writing Portfolio
Dreams — Silver Key, Flash Fiction
The Ghost Across the Room — Silver Key, Short Story
Until Our Dying Breath — Silver Key, Science Fiction/Fantasy
A Drink — Silver Key, Short Story
The River — Gold Key, Science Fiction/Fantasy
Have you Ever? — Honorable Mention, Poetry
Rain — Silver Key, Short Story
A Rock In The Storm — Honorable Mention, Science Fiction/Fantasy
Legos — Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir
Strangers in the Dark — Honorable Mention, Short Story

Lynch, Andrew — Grade 12
I Believe — Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir

Miglorie, Grace — Grade 10
anna in charcoal, charcoal in mind. — Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration

Paluszek, Alexandra — Grade 11
The Lesson Plan — Silver Key, Humor

Rashkovsky, Nicholas — Grade 12
Memories Last Forever — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Robinson, Sarah — Grade 11
Drawn Together — Honorable Mention, Drawing and Illustration

Segui, Izabella — Grade 10
Horror Film — Honorable Mention, Photography

Sidhu, Bijon — Grade 12
This I Believe — Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir

Thurber, Cody — Grade 12
It's All In The Details — Gold Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Wang, Siyang — Grade 11
Brush Rack, Stone, and Small Calabash — Honorable Mention, Painting

Wang, Xiaoqing — Grade 12
I'm Not Wearing That Skirt — Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir

Zhang, Lance — Grade 12
Harbor — Gold Key, American Voices Nominee, Poetry
Grandma — Gold Key, Personal Essay/Memoir
The Waltz of Memory — Silver Key, Writing Portfolio
Yes, Yes, Yesman — Silver Key, Poetry
The Nudge of A Great God's Hand — Silver Key, Poetry

Zobitz, Joe — Grade 12
Overcoming — Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir

Zorman, Evan — Grade 11
Speed of Lightning — Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir

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