"I'm From" Poems

Inspired by "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyons, these poems are getting us fired up for the winter sports season!
Four poems by the students of Vermont Academy English teacher Ms. Jo Fuller

I’m From
By Kelly Citera '20

I am from cold snowy grounds
From KitKat and Febreze
I am from the crazy town
Calm, loud, runny noises
I am from the many trees
The green beautiful leaves. So high they touch the tip of the sky.
I’m from hockey and loudness
From Joe and Jack
I am from the chill and puck
From work hard and be kind
I’m from being a boss, to being a bro
I’m from New York
Taco, pizza
From the kind hearted soul of life
The J’s
Pieces of memory locked away in the storm.

I’m From
by Jaz Creamer '21

I am from the mesh strung at the back of the net
From CCM and Bauer
I am from the Stu Hurley
Bone chilling cold, loud with cheers but filled with the silence of a loss
I am from the woods behind my house
Trees towering over us that we are determined to conquer
I am from documentaries with my dad and our beloved judge Mablean with mom
From video games with Kesler and camping with the troupes
I am from the stress of absolutely nothing and sleeping till noon
From confidence to “what the hell are you doing out there”
I'm from the culture and religion of the game we call hockey
I'm from the north, strong and free
From fights over taco night or spaghetti
From the long road trips to games my dad never missed
The chase after my dog when he steals something
From mom's Facebook that holds all our secrets
I am from these moments, long nights, early mornings, and pushing each other to our breaking points

I'm From
By Joshua Bascoe '21

I am from basketball
From Wilson and Spalding
I am from the sports equipment in every corner of every room.
Dusty, old, it looked like it belonged to an equipment room
I am from the brown grass in front off my house, which every single strand was dead
I’m from road trips and competitiveness
From Jasmine and Mary Beth
I’m from the people who are always early to everything and the people who can never decide where to eat
From you have to work hard for what you want and to be yourself
I’m from only going to church when my grandma wants me to, standing in the balcony blazing hot for hours
I’m from Guelph and the Valeriote legacy
Oxtail, sugar cane
From the time my sister busted my head open with a belt buckle
The time I put toothpaste in my dad's Oreos
In the basement was videos of me as a baby
I am from the people who brought me in this world and all the memories that are kept in the basement

I Am From
By Drew Naylor '21

I am from the ice
From hockey sticks and pucks
I am from the rink
Cold, loud, stinky
I am from the pond
Frozen in the woods
I am from hockey and athletes
From John and Bethaney
I am from watching the Red Wings and arguing about bad calls
From work hard and hustle
I am from praying before every game and wearing my cross chain
I am from Michigan
Jets Pizza, Cheli’s Chili
From the Stanley Cup Stories of my grandpa
The good times my dad had playing hockey
In the back of my stall is the love we share for the game and each other

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