"It's Out of This World"

A Q&A with Freestyle Skier Jai Hunter '21
Wildcat Nation: Why are you passionate about freestyle skiing?

I love freestyle skiing because it is one of the most creative social competitive sports out there. The feeling is unexplainable. It’s out of this world.

Wildcat Nation: Who is your biggest influence?

Sampo Valoton.

Wildcat Nation: Why did you choose Vermont Academy?

I chose VA because of the ski program and the balance with a good education. The ski program has six days on snow every week with a rope tow and a rail garden on campus, just behind the gym.

Wildcat Nation: What is your favorite meal in the dining hall?

It would have to be the Reubens.

Wildcat Nation: What is your favorite tradition at VA?

Winter Carnival.

Wildcat Nation: What makes Vermont Academy special?

Vermont Academy has a great community, and within that community, there are some fantastic people. The Global Programs make VA a one-of-a-kind school because studying abroad can be up to one trimester in length. I plan on going to France next year.

Wildcat Nation: What can we anticipate from you on the snow this winter?

I plan to become more dexterous with my spinning direction. This means that I would like to learn all four 720’s (left, right, switch left, switch right). I also plan to compete in competitions around the Northeast, in particular USSA comps, where hopefully I will place well.

Wildcat Nation: What are your recent accomplishments and plans for the near future?

Over the past year, I’ve competed in a number of competitions both in Australia and the U.S. This Australian season I got my first podium, which was 3rd place in halfpipe junior championships. This American season, I plan to compete in the USSA competitions and Noram Cup. This exposure to competitions will allow me to gain more confidence and experience in competitions. I love shooting and editing skiing videos. Soon I plan to shoot an urban segment to explore new areas of the sport and to help me become a more all-around slopestyle skier.

Watch videos of Jai on the slopes

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