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  • The Holiday Season at VA

    Every year I wonder how we arrived at winter break so soon! This past Wednesday night was a magical evening as I drove from spending the day with the students, faculty, and administrators at Vermont Academy at Mount Snow in time to arrive back in Saxtons River for the Geminids meteor shower. Stepping outside at 10:00 pm, I walked over to the field around our campus observatory to see a dozen shooting star-like displays in a symphony in the sky. The shower managed to appear after a snow squall laid out a blanket of an inch or two of snow.
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  • Moonlight in Vermont: A Look Back at the Fall Trimester

    Dr. Jennifer L. Zaccara
    The iconic song, “Moonlight in Vermont,” is something of an unofficial state song for Vermont, and it has been made popular since 1944 by Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Frank Sinatra, and Willie Nelson. The song does not rhyme, but each verse is a haiku.
    The first two verses are as follows:

    Pennies in a stream
    Falling leaves a sycamore
    Moonlight in Vermont

    Icy finger waves
    Ski trails on a mountain side
    Snowlight in Vermont…
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  • Photo Taken by Raymond Feng '25

    A Sea of Stars: A Visit to Our Campus Observatory

    Dr. Jennifer L. Zaccara
    One of my favorite spots on campus is the field and orchard surrounding the observatory. I walk there often, and in the early morning, the light falls with what Emily Dickinson would say is a “certain slant,” and the views roll and undulate around and past our star gazing site. The observatory itself is a fascinating engineering feat since the roof slides open and onto a wooden prop, and inside, the telescopes sit in silence until we invade the space with a class or a group of students and faculty for an evening activity.
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  • How to Support Your Child Who is New to Boarding School

    Dear Families,

    I share this blog post with you with great humility as a fellow parent. What follows are the things I have learned about letting go as a parent, and the things I remember all too well when I first went away from home myself.
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  • Finding Your Vision Quest - 2023 Convocation Remarks

    The campus has never been so green, as American poet Walt Whitman would say, our green lawns are “the flag” of our “disposition, out of hopeful green stuff woven.” Soon you will be out on the fields – whether for the Wildcat games or soccer practice or just to sit on Alumni Field and enjoy a sunny afternoon.
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