Thelma Wood Carroll, 1925

Thelma is an accomplished educator, writer, and drama producer.
Thelma Wood Carroll, 1925, is an accomplished educator, writer, and drama producer. Like Florence Sabin, Carroll overcame obstacles to achieve her goals in school and beyond, and Vermont Academy is proud to honor her with the Florence Sabin Distinguished Alumni Award.

Carroll earned a degree in English and Drama at Syracuse University, graduating with honors. During the Depression, she taught high school in New York, and organized/supervised clubs related to drama and English. Later, she worked as a social worker and English teacher in France, but returned home to teach, write, and take classes at Universities during the summers. In her studies, Carroll learned the value of puppets as a teaching tool. She also found that they were great for political satire, and produced a one-woman show when Eisenhower was running for President. On election eve, her show was broadcast on television.

Carol was President of the Heads of High School English Departments in Connecticut for three years, before retiring and traveling the world. Throughout her life she also won awards in puppetry, playwriting, and pageantry, wrote a children’s book titled The Magic Quarter and is currently chapter President of the National League of American Pen Women, and a member of several other national and local organizations.

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