Class Rep Responsiblities

Class Representatives (Class Reps) head the individual alumni engagement efforts of each Vermont Academy class. Class Reps create and maintain the class community – to sustain relationships and support one another, encourage classmates who have drifted away to rediscover VA, share positive news from Vermont Academy and promote support of VA. There is no substitute for active Class Reps when it comes to the School maintaining personal connections within its alumni network.
The key to successful classmate engagement is the personal touch each Class Rep brings to their job, as well as the consistent thanking and stewarding of class donors as gifts are made. The most effective volunteers are those who express an enthusiasm for Vermont Academy, support the school via their own philanthropy, enjoy encouraging classmates to stay connected and give back to the School, and are committed to establishing and enhancing relationships between alumni and VA. They serve as front-line ambassadors by managing relationships with classmates via periodic emails, notes, social media outreach, and phone calls.
Class Reps work closely with the Class Representative Chair and the Office of Institutional Advancement to help meet alumni engagement goals and objectives established by the Vermont Academy Alumni Council.
Key Duties:
  • Be engaged with classmates.
  • Be familiar with VA’s Vision, Purpose, Mission, and Core Beliefs 
  • Actively promote VA alumni events, reunions, news, and annual giving goals (dollars and participation).
  • Keep up to date on news and developments from campus by reading emails and mailings and by regularly communicating with the Office of Institutional Advancement.
  • Share with classmates the various resources offered to alumni including the VA Alumni Facebook Page, the official VA Facebook page, the LinkedIn group, and the various alumni events organized by Alumni Council.
  • Demonstrate personal support to annual giving by contributing early in each annual fund year.
  • Educate classmates about the impact annual giving and annual participation have on the School’s ability to identify the potential and value of every student and prepare them to thrive in college and life.
  • Notify the Director of Annual Giving when a classmate verbally commits to a donation or pledge.
  • Thank classmates after they’ve made a donation, via email, phone or mailed note.
  • Participate in alumni and volunteer meetings and trainings, support giving day campaigns, and make follow-up contact to classmates, particularly during key times (Nov-Dec, May-June).
  • Actively seek to update classmates’ contact and biographical information and notify the Office of Institutional Advancement of any necessary changes for classmates.
  • Regularly request class notes from classmates for the magazine and on-line publications.
Class Reps are expected to have basic proficiencies in technologies that are relevant to their duties (e.g., spreadsheets, email, and social media).
Terms of Service:  5-year terms that may be renewed by VA on a case-by-case basis.