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    Ms. Liz Olmsted 

    Associate Director of Advancement Operations and Stewardship
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    Wheaton College - BA
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    Ms. Tonia Fleming 

    Director of Annual Giving
    (802) 869-6298
    Wellesley College - BA
    University of Chicago - MBA
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    Ms. Nicole Losavio 

    Director of Alumni Engagement
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    The College of William and Mary - M.Ed
    Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts - BA / BS
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    Ms. Jillian Seaton 

    Project Manager
    University of Miami - BA
    University of Montana - MBA
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    Mr. David Petrie 

    Director of Marketing and Communications
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    Framingham State University - BA
    University of Iowa - MA
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Winter Carnival Giving Days

Vermont Academy is proud to host the oldest Winter Carnival in the country--founded by former VA faculty member and assistant headmaster James P. Taylor in 1909. Held each year in February, the Winter Carnival includes such favorite events as the polar bear run, tandem skiing, dodgeball, and ice sculpting.
You are invited to participate in the Winter Carnival Giving Days from February 18 to 21.  With a goal of 500 donors, this initiative offers us the opportunity to reconnect with one another and the school, while building a broader and deeper participation in giving from those who care about Vermont Academy. All gifts will support the pillars of The Campaign for Vermont Academy’s Future:  scholarships, program development, and campus revitalization.

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  • VA Futures Challenge - Double the Power of your Winter Carnival Giving Days Gift!

    All gifts make a difference, but a special $3 million challenge will match all new or increased recurring gifts, including those made annually for a 2+ year period. Double the power of your gift with this dollar-for-dollar matching challenge!  Learn more here!
  • Event: Winter Carnival through the Decades - An Alumni Panel with Breakout Room Conversations

    Join Tom Oxholm '82, Alumni Council co-president, and current faculty member Jim Frey '66, as they explore the evolution of VA's Winter Carnival threw the eyes of five alumni panelists: Bill Morton '57, Lisa McNealus '79, Francis Willett '86, Austin DeLonge '06, Lauren Eppinger '20, and Jaz Creamer '21.
    Following the panel discussion, attendees are invited to join breakout rooms for small group discussions.
    Register today to receive the Zoom details.

    Can't attend? Share your memories of Winter Carnival here.
  • Winter Carnival Memories

    ~ Mark Culkin '84
    "My dorm winning the lip-sync competition three years in a row!"
    ~ Henry Mayer '18
    "Wouldn't say it's a crowd favorite, but one year the boarder girls were so annoyed that the day student girls were winning everything so we banded together in protest and did the figure skating competition together. Some of the faculty were not pleased."
    ~ Carly Radovich '14 
    "Enjoying the opportunity to participate in the Winter Carnival athletic events."
    ~ Charles Vaughan Jr. '59
    "The torch parade down the ski hill on skis!"
    ~ Chase Vaughan '11
    "The late-night dance in the basement of the Leavitt House."
    ~ George Welles Jr. '53
    "Being pulled on a COLD metal shovel by Mary Munat '79!"
    ~ Diane Wilder '79
    "For Mr. Frey the job of smoothing the ice when the rink was on the field by the gym."
    ~ James Wright '75

    "This was one of my favorite years at Winter Carnival. Having the chance to compete with my brother in so many events was something I will never forget."
         ~John Peloso '19

    "Beating KUA in overtime with GVH and then going on the win the dodgeball tournament with Dr. Brown, Sturt, and Campbell!"
         ~ Aishling (Ash) Cavanaugh '19

    “Concerns Deerfield Winter carnival 1971: I won slalom there, no one remembers but me!”
         ~ Frank Saunders ’71

    “My first year, 1988 I think, there was a luge track that was built off the side of Shep’s Lane. I remember it was well iced with snow walls. We went down it in plastic sleds. I remember taking a corner wrong and flying off the track. So fun!”
         ~ Bussey Quackenbush ’91 

    "Scorro competition winter 2006. The goal was to hit a half-ice shot with a shooter tutor blocking most of the net, except for a cereal box-sized gap in the middle, and smaller gaps by each post.
    I put a little sauce on my shot and thought I was dead-on the center gap, until the puck landed and started hooking to the right, looking like it was gonna go wide. I thought I blew it and had missed the shot!
    As the puck slid towards the net, it stopped hooking wide and cleanly entered the gap at the right post, swooped around the back of the back of the net, and shot out the gap by the left post. I was in disbelief! Stuck my stick straight in the air à la Billy Reay and got carried off the ice by my dorm mates.
    Our dorm Alumni II was a mixed group of freshman and four year seniors, and we went on to win winter carnival that year. I didn’t contribute much in the other competitions but I sure felt psyched to bring home some hardware during that Girl’s Hockey Second Period intermission "

    Photo 1 | Photo 2
         ~Sam Lagor ‘09

    "Sugar On Snow with Warren Chivers."
         ~ Joseph P. Arco ‘73

    Submit your own Winter Carnival memories here!

Winter Carnival Through the Decades: A Visual History

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