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    Ms. Christine Armiger 

    Science Faculty / Director of Environmental Programs & Sustainability
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    University of Montana - BS
    Antioch University New England - MS
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Vermont Academy is dedicated and actively becoming a more sustainable campus, our Sustainability Program enables us to educate and empower our students and community members to become active and environmentally conscious global citizens.

In 2014 Mitchell Thomashow wrote in The Nine Elements of a Sustainable Campus, “Rapid global environmental change is a contemporary reality, whether it affects the campus through climate change, through loss of biodiversity, through environmental pollution, through the provision of energy and food, or through the effects of a superstorm. The campus has a moral obligation to raise community awareness about these issues because they will ultimately affect the lives of all of its students.”

This is at the core of our Sustainability Program, which is woven into our everyday lives due to our location in Vermont. A state known for its natural beauty, progressive views on community, social justice, and environmental conservation. Our Sustainability Program and Environmental Club are rooted in these local values while also maintaining a global perspective on issues surrounding humankind and our relationship with the natural world.

In recent years, we have begun a composting program, switched to a zero-sort recycling system, and installed water bottle stations and water saving toilets around campus. Students can become involved with the Sustainability Program in the classroom through experiential courses, extracurricular activities, and campus partnerships and events. These opportunities include, but are not limited to AP Environmental Science, Ecology, Fall Sustainability Team, Environmental Club, Earth Day. Environmental Activism, and the Maple Sugaring Program.

Notable Graduates

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  • Carly Huston '17

    Served multiple years as president of the VA Student Environmental Club. During that time, she integrated activism into the club’s mission, motivating many students to participate in the People’s Climate March in New York City, the Youth Climate Summit at UVM, and the Youth Rally for the Planet in the state capital in Montpelier.
  • Mary Anderson '15

    Helped to found the Saxtons River School-Community Garden and Vermont Academy’s Farm to School Program. She went on to become a Global Studies and Anthropology double major at the University of Vermont. Her passion is global health care and women’s rights. She spent time in the Czech Republic studying human rights in post-conflict societies, women’s health, and global migration.
  • Jonas Goldman '14

    An outstanding member of the AP Environmental Science class in his senior year. He is attending Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and recently published a paper in Columbia University's Journal of Sustainable Development. The paper is entitled "A New Deal for Refugees: How Land Restoration and Infrastructure Modernization Can Help Solve the Refugee Crisis."
  • Claudia Tappe '14

    AP Environmental Science student. Served as president of the VA Environmental Club in her senior year. After graduating, she entered the Environmental Studies Program at the University of San Francisco and participated in sustainability service work in Laos, Thailand, and Nicaragua.
  • Rachel Therrien '14

    Helped Vermont Academy to deepen its commitment to sustainability and global citizenship by participating in our first service trip to Belize in 2012. She inspired both of her brothers and many other VA students to travel to Spain and Belize for the purposes of developing a wider perspective on social and environmental issues. After graduating, Rachel studied social and environmental policy at Trinity College.
  • Margot Feingold '11

    Participated in the early stages of Vermont Academy’s Farm to School Program. Since graduating, she has worked internationally on various sustainable agriculture projects and currently studies Environmental and Natural Resources at Háskóli Íslands in Iceland.
  • Monica Johnson '11

    Helped to initiate Vermont Academy’s original composting program and was enrolled in our first AP Environmental Science course. After graduating from VA, she helped to organize the Vermont Youth Climate Summit while attending UVM’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources.
  • Eunhee Kim '10

    A student in Vermont Academy’s first AP Environmental Science class. She graduated from UMBC and took classes on environmental chemistry and biomimicry. She currently teaches at Berwyn Heights Elementary school in Maryland and is involved in the School Garden Project.