On May 2, join Vermont Academy alumni, family and friends in making a gift to the Fund for Vermont Academy.

Give on May 2 and create a brighter future for our students. The Fund for Vermont Academy supports our faculty and programs, provides scholarships and helps maintain our beautiful campus.

If you have already made your gift to our Fund this year, thank you. Consider making an additional gift to support 1 Day for VA.

How Do I Participate?
  • Mark your calendar for May 2.
  • Every gift makes an impact! Decide how much you can give:$5, $100, $500, ?
  • FOLLOW Vermont Academy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to join the fun on May 2. SHARE with your friends and family and encourage them to join in as well!

May 2 falls during Faculty Appreciation Week

Social Media Tool Kit

We need your help to make this day a success. Help is spread the word through soical media!

Share your love and excitement for Vermont Acadmey in any way you see fit, We've compiled some suggestions to help you get the ball rolling.

  • Change your Facebook cover photo! With over 450 acres of beautiful Vermont land, why not share the beauty of it using one of our cover photos?
  • Update your Facebook Status
  • Tweet your reason for supporting Vermont Academy! With just 140 characters, choose wisely. Include a photo too!
  • Change your Twitter handle photo!
  • Post a photo to Instagram - post pne of your favorite photos or Vermont Academy or use one of ours. Open Instagram using your smart phone, and upload it to your account.
  • Consider posting a statis update today to share why supporting Vermont Academy is mportant to you.
Want to create your own over with the logo?

List of 5 items.

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Make your own photo

  • Show everyone you gave!