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  • Mr. Nate Williams 

    Ninth Grade Dean / Outdoor Programs Director / Science Faculty
    Castleton State College - MA
    Castleton University - BS
Student Life

Outdoor Programs

At Vermont Academy, the great outdoors is our living classroom.
The goal of Wilderness Skills is to empower the individual through outdoor living and wilderness skills. Nature is a real entity and engaging with it involves real consequences which test the ability of the individual to adapt. Through the learning of both hard and soft skills of outdoor adventures, students become aware of their power, learn to rely on it, and develop a self-confidence that foster success in all aspects of their academic and personal lives.

Ten Principles of Wilderness Skills

To empower the individual, the following Ten Principles of Wilderness Skills are the backbone of its curriculum: 

Self-Awareness Play
Sense of Place Self-Confidence
Leave No Trace Trust
Self-Reliance Self-Expression
Sense of Community Connection to Nature


The fall Wilderness Skills activity meets outside, six times a week and takes advantage of Vermont Academy’s vast outdoor playground. We spend time in the forest, in the fields, in the rivers, and on the mountains. We also take day trips and overnight trips to various destinations throughout New England, exploring both the Green and White Mountains. Throughout the fall, participants can expect to practice the following skills:

Journaling Fire Building
Sit Spot Stove Use
Spoon Carving Canoeing
Knife Use and Safety Knots
Storytelling Shelter Building
Food Foraging Cooking over Fire
Hiking Orienteering