We provide the following services to our international students:

  • I-20 and Visa Assistance 
  • International Resource Center Peer Tutoring Program
  • International Community Lunch
  • ESL Programs
  • ESL and Math Placement Tests
  • Flag Ceremony 
  • Chinese New Year Celebration 
  • TOFEL Test Registration and Test-Day Transportation 
  • Holidays Local Families Placements
  • Airport Transportation  
  • Shopping Trips 

International Student Program

Vermont Academy warmly welcomes international students into our community. About 25 percent of our student population is international and come from many different countries around the world including Canada, China, Korea, Mexico, Spain, France, Hungary, Brazil, Thailand, Germany, Rwanda, Turkey, Portugal, and Japan. Whether you plan to come for just one year or hope to graduate from Vermont Academy, international students become an integral part of our Vermont Academy community, holding leadership positions and experiencing life at an American boarding school.

Chinese Applicants

In order to better serve applicants who live in and attend school in China, Vermont Academy requires candidates from China to work with our partner, Vericant, for a preliminary interview.

Vericant interviews are sent directly to Vermont Academy to assess the prospective student's proficiency in oral and written English. We will then invite selected candidates for a formal interview. Learn more about Vericant here. Vericant interviews must be completed by December 15th for regular decision consideration. Candidates should submit an inquiry prior to their Vericant interview.


List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Where are Vermont Academy's international students from?

    Our international students come from a variety of countries, including Canada, China, Korea, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Thailand, Taiwan, Brazil, Georgia, and Japan. We provide a week-long and comprehensive Jumpstart Orientation for the new international students that give them a chance to get to know each other, how the academics at VA works, and settle in before the start of the school year. For more information, please click on this link.
  • Q. Do you offer English as a Second Language?

    Yes. Students can study English at the intermediate ESL level, the advanced level (titled English for International Students) or at the mainstream English level. We give an English placement test (online, written, and oral) in order to select the proper level of English class for that year. International students can also take History for International Students in the History department.
  • Q. How do I know what English class I will be in?

    Non-native English speakers take an English placement test, either online during the summer or when they arrive, which will determine the appropriate English course for them.
  • Q. Will my roommate speak English?

    Students coming from non-English-speaking countries are placed with English-speaking roommates during their first year. All of our dormitories have a mix of international and American students so that everyone can learn about different cultures and lifestyles. Our dorm parents have their apartment right in the dormitory with the students and participate with them in dorm activities.
  • Q. What about sports?

    All of our students participate in sports and activities in the afternoons after classes. International students have the opportunity to learn sports that are not common in their countries, such as lacrosse, golf, equestrian, and American football. Snow sports are quite popular on our campus, as Vermont is known for its beautiful winters and skiing/snowboarding. We even have a ski hill on campus! Other activities include technical theater, silversmithing, yoga, and community service, along with various clubs. On the weekends, activities include shopping, dinner, and movie trips; an outing to local plays, concerts, and sporting events; and on-campus activities such as pizza parties and dances. Additionally, Vermont Academy has an exceptional music, fine arts, and performing arts program that include a Jazz Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble, voice and music lessons, theater productions and classes, drawing and painting, pottery, photography, and filmmaking, and more.
  • Q. Are international cultures recognized at Vermont Academy?

    During the year we celebrate the global community on our campus by recognizing important holidays from different nations, trying food from different countries in our dining hall, having musicians from different parts of the world perform for us, and having speakers who address global issues. In addition, the Global Programs hosts an annual Flag Ceremony to recognize our diverse student and faculty population on campus.
  • Q. Where will I go on breaks and vacations if I can't go home?

    Dorms are open for students who cannot return home for a long weekend (shorter than a holiday break). Day-trips are sometimes scheduled depending on the number of students who remain on campus. For longer vacations, most students return home or travel; some arrange local homestays with the help of our Global Programs staff. To accommodate long flights and time-zone changes, students may leave the day before a scheduled break as long as this is cleared with the academic dean. Students arriving after a break from outside the U.S. may arrive on campus a day early.
  • Q. Which airport should I fly to?

    The closest airport is Bradley International, in Hartford, Connecticut (less than 2 hours driving). Logan International in Boston is about 2.5 hours driving. Some students also fly into JFK in New York City, which is about 4.5 hours driving.
  • Q. Is there transportation to Vermont Academy from the airport?

    Absolutely! Please email Mr. Jason Wang, the Assistant Director of the Global Programs, regarding airport transportation. His email is jwang@vermontacademy.org