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Orange Key Society

Our 40+ tour guides may have a wide range of backgrounds and interests, but they all have one thing in common: they love VA. The 18 members of Vermont Academy's Orange Key Society (profiled here) are student leaders particularly dedicated to representating Vermont Academy. In this leadership position, students work with the Admissions Office to plan campus visits, mentor new tour guides, and, of course, give tours.

We hope to see you on campus soon!

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  • Kofi Asante ‘18

    Hometown: Bronx, NY

    Activities: Varsity Soccer, Proctor, Orange Key Society Coordinator

    Advice to a Prospective Student: Be open to meeting new people!

    Favorite Dining Hall Meal: Thanksgiving Dinner

    Favorite Weekend Activity: Hanging out at the bonfire

    Why VA?: Because VA is such a tight-knit community, your friends/peers are always there for you when you need it. Your teachers care about you a lot and truly want to see you succeed--they give it their all to see that happen. At VA, you never walk alone.
  • Allie Buckley '18

    Hometown: Guilford, VT

    Activities: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Lacrosse, Orange Key Society Coordinator

    Fun Fact: I have a magic eye for four-leaf clovers

    Favorite Weekend Activity: Sleeping… Is that an option?

    Favorite VA Memory: Winning both the girls’ soccer and basketball championships last year, with the same group of girls on both teams.
    Biggest Accomplishment: Finding myself and my voice as person
  • Ava Hill ‘18

    Hometown: Andover, VT

    Activities: Crew (fall and spring), Dean Team (captain), National Honor Society President, Writing Center Tutor, Day Student Proctor, Orange Key Society Coordinator

    Favorite VA Tradition: Earth Day

    Most Influential Faculty: Ms. Baldvins is the most amazing crew coach and person. She is always so upbeat and fun. I look forward to every practice with her and she has pushed me to be a better rower.

    Best VA Moment: Learning to row with the crew team. I never expected to find so much strength in myself (mentally and physically).
  • Peiru “Mike” Li ‘18

    Hometown: Beijing, China

    Activities: Golf, Basketball, Orange Key Society Coordinator, Cum Laude Society, National Honor Society, International Resource Center Mentor/Tutor

    Favorite VA Tradition: Mountain Day

    Favorite Class: AP Economics or US History

    Why I Chose VA: VA allows me to see a broader world and explore myself.

    Advice to a Prospective Student: Be ready to come home.
  • Danny Williams ‘19

    Hometown: Wilton, CT

    Activities: Sophomore Class President, Ice Hockey, Tennis

    Favorite VA Tradition: Winter Carnival

    Favorite Dining Hall Meal: Chicken Cordon Bleu
  • Brian Anderson '18

    Hometown: Chester, VT

    Activities: Soccer, JV Hockey, Baseball, Jazz Ensemble, Proctor, Writing Center Tutor

    Fun Fact: I am the only lefty in my family.

    Favorite VA Tradition: Winter Carnival

    Favorite Dining Hall Meal: Taco day

    Why VA?: I was reluctant to attend VA before I visited because I was very close with friends at my local public school. The minute I stepped on campus, I knew it was the right decision. I wouldn’t trade my experience here for anything.
  • Zoee Blossom '19

    Hometown: Saxtons River, VT

    Activities: Crew, JV Hockey, Equestrian, Chamber Ensemble, Theater, Writing Center Tutor

    Fun Fact: I spent the first six years of my life living in Bulgaria

    Favorite Class: French or Art

    Why I chose VA: It is such a close community and you always have support either from your peers, coaches, teachers, or advisor. The community feels like a family.

    Advice to a Prospective Student: Get involved as much as possible and you'll get so much more out of your VA experience.
  • Riese Bianco '20

    Hometown: Ringoes, NJ

    Activities: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tour Guide

    Favorite VA Tradition: Winter Carnival!

    Top of my VA bucket list: Perform in a school concert
    Why I Chose VA: I chose VA because I was looking for a school that valued a sense of community equally as much as academics and athletics.

    Advice to a Prospective Student: Don't be afraid to step to outside of your comfort zone.
  • Wanyue "Jessica" Dong '19

    Hometown: Beijing China

    Activities: JV Tennis, Proctor, International Resource Center Tutor, Math Club

    Favorite VA Tradition: Mountain Day

    Favorite Dining Hall Meal: Potstickers

    Favorite VA Memory: Every Mountain Day. Classes are cancelled in a surprise way and we go off campus, play cards, enjoy Vermont, and have a barbecue as an entire community..

    Advice to a Prospective Student: Take advantage of all the resources the school offers.
  • Ian Fenn '18

    Hometown: Brattleboro, VT

    Activities: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Golf (captain), Day Student Proctor

    Favorite VA Tradition: Mountain Day

    Favorite Class: AP Economics

    Most Influential Faculty: Mr. Jon Edwards (“JE”) has been my golf coach for all four years and my advisor for the last two years. He has taught me a lot about the game of golf and has always been there to support to me throughout high school.

    Proudest Accomplishment: Being named to the Lakes Region All-Star Team for golf last year

    Advice to a Prospective Student: Don’t be timid when you first arrive on campus--jump right in! And of course, don’t step on the school seal.
  • Karl-Antoine Girard ‘18

    Hometown: Sherbrooke, Quebec

    Activities: Varsity Ice Hockey, JV Soccer, Lacrosse, Proctor, National Honor Society, International Resource Center Tutor, V-8s

    Favorite Dining Hall Meal: Taco Day!

    Advice to Prospective Students: Be yourself on your campus tour.
  • Yuchen "Aaron" Gong '19

    Hometown: Beijing, China

    Activities: Varsity Tennis, Jazz Ensemble, Co-Founder of the Ice Breakers Club, International Resource Center Tutor

    Favorite Weekend Activity: Dinner at Panda North

    Proudest VA Moment: Winning my first tennis match as the 1st seed.

    Best Part of my Week: Going to Jazz Ensemble every Tuesday and Friday
  • Yujie "Juno" Li '18

    Hometown: Hangzhou, China

    Activities: Cross-Country Running

    Favorite VA Tradition: Kurn Hattin Christmas Dinner

    Most Influential Faculty: Mr. Wang
  • Brandon McDonald ‘18

    Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA

    Activities: JV Soccer, Varsity Hockey, Varsity Baseball, Tour Guide, Proctor, V-Eights

    Fun Fact: I spent six weeks in Spain this fall to play ice hockey.

    Favorite VA Tradition: Community Lunch

    Favorite Class: Robotics & Design with Mr. Echanis

    Most Influential Faculty: Mr. Echanis, my JV soccer coach and Robotics & Design teacher, has had a major impact on me. He’s influenced my attitude towards sports and in life. He’s inspired me with his hard work ethic and high character--on and off the field (or ice). He’s been an important part of my four years at VA.
  • Holly Meredith '18

    Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY

    Activities: Field Hockey, Varsity Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Proctor

    Why I Chose VA: I chose VA because of Vermont's beauty and the ability to play hockey at a high level. I toured in the summer when students were gone. The first day of fall pre-season, I knew I had made the right decision--everyone was so friendly and fun.
  • Patrick Ogden '18

    Hometown: South Kent, CT

    Activities: Varsity Hockey, Tennis, Cross Country, Proctor, Pottery

    Favorite VA Tradition: Formal Meal (every Tuesday night)

    Favorite Class: AP Comparative Government and Politics or Spanish

    Most Influential Faculty: Ms. Diaz, my Spanish teacher, has impacted me the most. Before VA, I hated Spanish and was considering dropping it. But since she was so kind and engaging, I really started enjoying classes and learning the language. Now I consider her someone I can go to, not only for Spanish questions, but for personal things as well.

    Advice to a Prospective Student: Be yourself on a tour, and ask all the questions you have!
  • Hannah Sethi '20

    Hometown: Walpole, NH

    Activities: Equestrian (captain), Dance, Vermont Academy Student Association (VASA), Class of 2020 Class Secretary

    Fun Fact: I am 1/4 Indian.

    Favorite Tradition: Spoon Game

    Proudest Accomplishment: Highest GPA of Class of 2020 in 2017 school year

    Advice to a Prospective Student: Put down your phone and mingle. It's scary but will help you meet a lot of people and make friends.