Employee Service Recognition

Vermont Academy has a tradition of honoring faculty, administrators and staff for their service to our school. We are so proud of our community and the fact that really, everyone is a teacher in some way since teaching moments abound both inside and outside of the classroom.
Some of the individuals mentioned today arrived under the headship of Mike Choukas, Jr., James Steindler, Peter van der Water, Bob Long, Jim Mooney and Sean Brennan.

We give these awards in Community Meeting because we are a student-centered school, and the years of service that these colleagues have given is really all about you and those who sat in these seats or seats in the Great Room, the gathering place before the Nita Choukas Theater.

30+ Years
David Kinney, Maintenance - 50 years
Gregory Francis, Maintenance - 36 years
Eddie Mack, Maintenance - 31 years
Cynthia Murphy, English Teacher and International Program Coordinator - 31 years
Ethel Pike, Admissions Administrative Assistant - 30 years

10-20 Years
Debra Lapatta, Dining Services - 20 years
Lisa McNealus, Art Department Chair - 20 years
Amanda Gilbert-Hodgson, Dean of Faculty and English Teacher - 16 years
Annette Douglass, Dining Services - 16 years
Joe Echanis, Science Department Chair - 16 years
John Buser, Counselor - 11 years
Ron Hart, Security - 11 years
Christine Armiger, Science Teacher - 10 years

5-10 Years
Peter Ross, Head of Dining Services - 6 years
Abbey Edwards, History Department Chair - 6 years
Jon Edwards, Dean of Student Life - 6 years
Joanne Fuller, English Teacher - 6 years
Kate Aldrich, Accountant - 6 years
Robin Patch, Head of Health Services - 5 years
Kirsten Beske, Counselor - 5 years
Letitia Milevsky, Webmaster and Computer Science Teacher - 5 years
Andrea Prozzo, Dining Services - 5 years
Julie Strong, Medical Driver - 5 years
Roger Johnson, Bus Driver - 5 years
Heather James, Housekeeping - 5 years