2022 Year-End Awards and Traditions

This past Thursday, Vermont Academy held its year-end award ceremony. Department chairs, advisors, and class deans presented awards to students from all grades. The members of the Class of 2022 also received their bricks for Long Walk, a long standing and favorite tradition.
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Grade 9 Academic Award 
Presenter: Caitlin Holton '96

This award is given to the student in the 9th grade who has shown remarkable dedication to their studies and whose end of the year grade point average reflects this devotion to their pursuit of academic excellence. Sophie Balk '25

Grade 9 Wildcat Award 
Presenter: Caitlin Holton '96
This Award is given to the student in the 9th grade class who has earned the respect of his or her peers and teachers and who exemplifies Vermont Academy’s core values, while also pursuing excellence in their academic studies.
Andy Darcy '25.  

Sophomore Academic Award 
Presenter: Amanda Gilbert-Hodgson 
This award is presented to a member of the sophomore class who has displayed significant dedication to their academic success at the Academy. This year there are two recipients who are equally deserving. Through hard work and diligence, these student have not only earned outstanding marks, they have also earned the respect of their teachers and peers. 
Sofia Bianconi ‘24 and Sydney Palmiotto ‘24.

Sophomore Wildcat Award
Presenter: Amanda Gilbert-Hodgson 
This award is presented to a student who exhibits all the traits of a great community member. By displaying exemplary character and acting as a positive force within the school, this student has helped to make Vermont Academy a better place. 
Cole Allen '24.
ESL Program Prize 
Presenter: Ashley Storrow
This prize is awarded to that student who excels in English and History within the ESL program.
Marketa Mazankova '24

University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology
Presenter: Joe Echanis '77
The University of Rochester presents this award to a junior who shows a strong interest in innovation and/or information technology and a high level of achievement in this area in coursework and outside of school. The recipient will be eligible for a scholarship should he attend the University of Rochester.
Asier Otaegui Camano '23

University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award
Presenter: Joe Echanis '77
The University of Rochester would like to take this opportunity to congratulate this student on their achievements as a recipient of the Bausch and Lomb Medal and certificate. In recognition of outstanding academic achievement and superior intellectual promise in the field of science, this award winner is eligible for a scholarship should she attend the University of Rochester.
Susannah Pennell '23.

Society of Women Engineers awards
Presenter: Joe Echanis '77
This award is given by the Society of Women Engineers to young women in the junior class who have completed three years of mathematics and three years of science with distinction, and who have made significant contributions to the school and community. 
Highest Honors: Kim Osmec Perusa '22
High Honors:  Maika Paquin '22
Honors: Mamta Day '23

Saint Michael's Book Award 
Presenter: Caitlin Wilkins
The Saint Michael’s College Book Award for Academic Achievement & Social Conscience recognizes outstanding students who demonstrate a strong commitment to volunteerism and leadership in their communities. Recipients must be inductees of the National Honor Society or an equivalent honors organization sponsored by the school. Additionally students must demonstrate a concern for social justice issues and a sincere commitment to service. Recipients may also be considered for a four-year scholarship at Saint Michael’s contingent on an offer of admission to the College.
Harrison James '23 and Susannah Pennell '23.

St. Anselm Book Award
Presenter: Brian Gilloran
The Saint Anselm Book Award honors a member of the junior class who exercises a capacity for academic achievement and continued education, has a strong awareness of social responsibility, displays leadership qualities and possesses a strong character.
Jenna Johnson '23. 
University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award
Presenter: Brian Gilloran
The University of Rochester presents this award to a junior who shows strong leadership experience at school and in their community. The student must have high grades, take challenging courses, and be involved in extracurricular activities. This award seeks to recognize future leaders who may have an impact on our world today. The recipient will be eligible to receive a scholarship at the University of Rochester.
Will Noble '23. 

Dartmouth Book Award 
Presenter: Brian Gilloran
The Dartmouth Book Award is given to a junior who demonstrates particular strength of character, intellectual curiosity and personal growth.
Mamta Dey '23. 

University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award
Presenter: Brian Gilloran
Each year it is our task to select a deserving member of the junior class to receive this award. This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues, leadership and dedication to community action, and outstanding academic achievement in the humanities and/or social sciences. Winners of the award are eligible for a scholarship at the University of Rochester.
Abigail Hawkins '23. 

Samuel B. Pettengill Class of 1904 Prize 
Presenter: Greg Martin
The Samuel B. Pettengill Class of 1904 prize is awarded to the Vermont Academy student who has distinguished themselves by their work in American History.
Thor Martin ‘23. 
Francis Parkman Writing Award 
Presenter:  Amanda Gilbert-Hodgson
This writing award is given to members of the junior or senior class in honor of Francis Parkman, a gentleman whose tenure at Vermont Academy as a teacher and administrator inspired both students and colleagues. Poetry: Andi Gunther ‘22
Prose: Kalaya Hudziec-Leiva ‘22

Will Curtis Class of 1938 Humanities Award
This award is for a student whose love for books and reading has contributed to academic growth and understanding.
Elizabeth Pitts '22. 
Earlier in the week at Community Meeting, the 2022 Wildcat yearbook was dedicated by the Class of 2022 to Amy Lanterman. 

Senior Brick Presentation
Brian Gilloran
The tradition of laying bricks on the Long Walk began in 1993 with the dedication of the walk to former headmaster and faculty member Bob Long who was at Vermont Academy from 1974-1994 for twenty years. The Walk used to be a road, and there were tennis courts and during the winter an outdoor skating rink on Alumni Field. Members of the graduating class receive a brick with their name on it and then proceed to the walk as a group to place their brick along the path, thus becoming a part of the Long Walk for evermore.

The graduating class was then invited to pick up their bricks and proceed to the Long Walk. 


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