Week One of Vermont Academy at Liceo Europeo

We started our second year of the VALE program on September 1, and we are off and running. On day one the students played icebreakers in their advisory groups followed by a school wide game of Agree/Disagree focusing on learning styes. The students learned to follow the academic class schedule and met all of their teachers in shortened classes. We finished off the day with The Wildcat Games where Jonathan’s advisory emerged victorious after competing in such events as the egg and spoon relay, the ballon pass, the tangram challenge, the tortilla pan toss, the trivia game, and the block building for height challenge (for the advisors).
On day two, in addition to attending academic classes, the students had their first session of their activity groups; journalism, global awareness and maker space for the 11th graders, and student council, community service, and speakers program for the 12th grade. All of the students learned about the StrengthsFinder terms in their advisory groups. We also had a workshop on health and safety and child protection.

On day three day, academic classes were in full swing. During exercise, we started our intramural competition between advisory sections with a lively game of dodgeball. The students had a workshop on plagiarism and we also hosted a workshop for the parents on MySchoolApp and Project Based Learning which was well received. We finished off the day with our formal opening of school ceremony which included a welcome from the head of Liceo, academic awards, the winner of the Wildcat Games, and signing of the Honor Code book by all of our new students.

We are excited to return next week and continue on with our school year.