Student Review: One Way That Vermont Academy Builds Community

At the end of each trimester, our faculty make their way to the Warren Chivers Ski and Outdoor Center for student review. The setting offers relief from the classrooms and a comfortable place for what is often a marathon meeting. Gathered around circular tables facing a large screen set up by the fireplace, the faculty come prepared to share their understanding of each student and to find ways collectively to make the student’s experience at Vermont Academy the best that it can be.
Most of what is shared is focused on academics. Yet people also share the many details about a student’s evolving interests, struggles and triumphs, and decisions and choices. This information comes from dorm faculty, advisors, coaches, and faculty who were at the right place at the right time to capture a significant moment in a student’s life. As faculty proceed through the entire roster of the school, each class dean adds notes to his or her record so that next time the dean meets with a student, they have full knowledge of the little things that matter. 

Student review is just one of the ways that Vermont Academy builds and nurtures community. And it is just one of the ways we go beyond what is possible in a traditional, large boarding school to create something much more like a family.

Education for Life - One Student at a Time

Vermont Academy is a coed college preparatory boarding and day school in southern Vermont, serving grades 9-12 plus a postgraduate year.