• Fall Crew Awards (L to R: Lavoie, Baldvins, Mayhew, Robinson, Early, Hill, Collins, Svensson)

    • Theater Tech Awards (L to R: Torrence, Dixon, Bertram)

    • Cross Country Awards (L to R: Vinidiktova, Holcombe, Streed, Sotkov)

    • Boys' Varsity Soccer Awards (L to R: Gilloran, Anderson, Asante, Mwape, Villarino)

    • Boys' Thirds Soccer Award (L to R: Cloutier, Filler, Lee, Carreno)

    • Field Hockey Award (L to R: Friel, Meredith, Davidson)

    • Girls' Varsity Soccer Awards (L to R: Henry, Edwards, Bushee, Buckley, Poole)

    • Mountain Biking Award (L to R: Marks, Scruton, Kelly)

    • Sustainability Award (L to R: Armiger, Koval)

Fall Athletes Honored at Sports Banquet

Students, faculty and staff gathered in Shepardson Dining Hall last night to honor the achievements of our fall athletes. Chris Davidson, director of athletics, began the evening by thanking the dining hall staff for “every bag lunch and 6 a.m. departure, and their genuine kindness for our students.”

Coach Davidson went on to recognize “some of the accomplishments that may go unnoticed through the fall,” such as:

  • The VA seniors on the Bellows Falls Union High School football team, who have played in every possible game in their four years on the team. The team made it to the semi-finals in their freshman year and the state finals the last three.
  • Logan Cota ’18 being nominated for the Vermont All-Star Team
  • Chloe Aurard ’17 with her poise and control to take over a game
  • Sarah Jacobelli ’19 standing tall in goal for Field Hockey
  • Hayley Adams ’18 making her mark on the trails in the Lakes Region, taking home 4th place
  • Andres Barriero Perez ’20and his golden foot—at one point scoring 12 goals in 3 games
  • Shengqin “Gary” Huang ’20 taking home three podiums this fall in Mountain Biking
  • Girls’ Varsity Soccer making the NEPSAC playoffs
Wildcat Award

Coach Davidson presented the Wildcat Award to Kexin Xu’ 18. He reflected on her athletic career at VA, saying:

“When Kexin arrived here on campus in ninth grade, her advisor sat down with her to discuss her goals for the year and for her time at Vermont Academy. Kexin outlined a goal that was dear to her heart. She said that sports and athletics had not been a part of her life up to that point, and that one of her significant hopes for her time at Vermont Academy was that athletics become part of her life—that she be able to take the opportunity to play a sport and not only participate, but to truly appreciate it—to learn to love sports and become adept at them. Kexin has, no doubt, accomplished this goal in her time at Vermont Academy.

“As a coach, one of the most important qualities I look for in a person is how much of a team player they are. I believe team players make successful organizations. Kexin is the ultimate team player. Whatever is expected of her, she will get it done in an upbeat way and always with a smile.

“Coach [Aurelia] Davidson says, ‘She was unselfish in all that she did and devoted to every success big and small for her team. She set a goal of being positive and focused throughout the season AND she did it all with style and class.’

“Kexin has played JV Hockey, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Tennis and Wilderness here at VA. She’s relished every opportunity to try new sports and employed her strong work ethic to be able to hone her skills and better her game with each new season. And she was elected captain of the Field Hockey Team this fall. Kexin is a shining example of what is possible when we put our mind to something, and what is possible in a small school like Vermont Academy.”

Team Awards

Four-year senior Ava Hill ’18 addressed the group and reflected on her experiences at VA. Ava is a shining example of a VA student-athlete: a four-time member of the dance team and a three-year veteran of the crew team who is also maintaining a GPA of 4.07.

After Ava’s remarks, Coach Davidson presented the awards, certificates, and varsity letters.

Sustainability Team
Ms. Armiger

Most Dedicated Award: Lauren Koval ’18

Boys’ Thirds Soccer
Coaches Carreno, Cloutier, and Filler

Most Improved Award: Jun Seo Lee ’21

Boys’ Junior Varsity Soccer
Coaches Elkin and Schilling

Most Improved Award: Jamie Kuesel ’18

Wilderness Skills Team
Mr. Williams, Mr. Norton, and Ms. Barrett

3 Pillars Award: James Hubbard ’19
Given to a member of the Wilderness Skills Team that best lived the 3 Pillars of Reflection, Gratitude and Play on a daily basis.

Muir Award: Hunter Sutherland ’18
Given to a member of Wilderness Skills who heard the Call of the Wild, answered with a fierce adventurous spirit, and kept close to Nature’s heart, something that Mr. John Muir did.

Theater Tech
Ms. Dixon

Most Improved Award: Symir Torrence ’19
Most Dedicated Award: Tyler Bertram ’19

Ms. Lanterman, Bevin O’Reilly and Ms. McNealus

Most improved Rider Award: Gigi Wood ’20

Greatest Contributor to the team award: Hannah Sethi ’20

Fall Crew
Coaches Collins, Baldvins, Lavoie, and Mayhew

Most Improved Rower, male: Harry Early ’21

Most Improved Rower, female: Sarah Robinson ’20

Most Valuable Boy Rower, male: Will Svensson ’18

Most Valuable Boy Rower, female: Ava Hill ’18

Mountain Biking
Coaches Kelly and Marks

Most Valuable Rider: Graesyn Scruton ’19 (for the third year in a row!)

Most Improved Rider: Shengqin “Gary” Huang ’20

Field Hockey
Coaches Davidson and Friel

Most Improved Player Award: Tiffany Wang ’19

Most Valuable Player Award: Holly Meredith ’18

Cross Country
Coaches Sotskov and Vinidiktova

Most Improved, male: Darwin Holcombe ’20

Most Improved, female: Sophie Streed ’19

Angus Black Award: Hayley Adams ’18 and Corey Dunn ’20
Presented to the member of the cross country squad who through enthusiasm, diligence, self-sacrifice, and team spirit has made the most outstanding contribution to the success of the Cross Country team.

Boys’ Varsity Soccer
Coaches Gilloran & Villarino

Most Improved Player Award: Brian Anderson ’18

Randall Clair Stevens ’83 Award: Museba Mwape ’19
Given to a member of the boys soccer team who, throughout the season, showed perseverance, dedication, enthusiasm, and above all a total love for the sport, traits that Randall exhibited while a member of the VA Boys’ Varsity Soccer Team.

Ole-Petter Worsøe Award: Kofi Asante ’18
Goes to the soccer player who through leadership, sportsmanship, and competitiveness has contributed the most to the spirit and success of the team.

Girls’ Varsity Soccer
Coaches Edwards, Henry, and Poole

Most Improved Award: Ella Bushee ’20

Allison Lanzetta ’95 Award: Allie Buckley ’18
Recognizes determination, hard work and unselfish dedication. This award goes to the member of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team who has contributed most to the success of the team. These contributions are measured by their strong leadership in practice and games, and most importantly, by their positive influence on other members of the team.

Coach Williams

Most Improved Player: Hyungmin “Andrew” Kim ’19

E.K. Hall Award: Logan Cota ’18
Presented in recognition of leadership, community, and citizenship.

Find more photos of the evening on the Vermont Academy Athletics Facebook page. Follow the page for more VA sports news.