Joe Echanis '79

Hands down, my favorite teacher at VA was Mr. Echanis. I probably never told him this, but he was the coolest, most humble man I have ever met.
I loved all of the science department faculty, Mr. Collins, Mrs. Armiger, Mr. Williams, and at the time Ms. Parkhurst and Mr. Frey, but for some reason I always enjoyed my time in Mr. Echanis’ classroom. He pushed me to do my best, and he was extremely understanding and helpful when needed most.

~Carly Radovich '14

There are too many to name, but this year I'd like to highlight Joe Echanis as one of my most influential faculty members at VA. Mr. E was pivotal to my social, athletic, and academy development at VA as my dorm parent for 2 years, coach for 3 years, and teacher for 1 year. He brought so much enthusiasm and positive energy to every single class, practice, and dorm meeting and I don't know how he did it with such grace and patience! Love you Echan!
~ Paulina Borrego '08

Mr. Joe Echanis and Mr. Jim Frey, thank you for helping me discover and pursue my love for science and guiding me towards my decision in major. Coach Williams, thank you for always pushing me to be better as a baseball player, student and a person every day of my four years. Ms. Wendy Brennan, thank you for helping me develop into the person (and writer) I am today, and assisting in the development of my critical thinking ability. And again Mr. Echanis, thank you for always reminding me that good was truly never good enough. That no matter how well I did anything, that I could most certainly do it better and faster than before. To all four of you, thank you for helping me become the person I am today and preparing me sufficiently enough so I was confident enough to start college and helping me develop a work ethic I am proud to carry with me for the rest of my life.
~ Matthew Gendron '15

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