Arnie Castagner

Mr. Castagner could be described as the mouse that roared or the bark that is worse than the bite. He was a relatively small individual, a bundle of energy who kept everyone in line, but you always knew he cared deeply.
He loved his Chevy Impalas which were never allowed to get dirty. With all the washing in back of Jones Hall it is a wonder there was any paint left when he left for his regular trade in.
~ Doug Cranshaw 66'

AC was at the top of my list. He was my dorm master my Junior year, where I was a proctor; he was my basketball coach Junior & Senior years; and I took US history from him, which he made fun and interesting. However, my best memory was the many 2 on 2 basketball matches we had with him afternoons after practice. These were where we really got to see Arnie's true competitive nature. Many were the evenings we had to go two out of three to resolve the match.
~ G. David Koepf '64

Mr. Castagner and Mr. Brodine were my mentors while I attended Vermont Academy. In fact, I would not have succeeded without their kind and patient advice and admonition. May they rest in peace.
~ Peter Shambo '72'

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