Nita Choukas

The effects of her warm hearted kindness, gracious support, and guidance in her capacity as wife of the headmaster will be, for a certainty, long lasting.
~ Ron McClenton '74
Nita was a wonderful woman. She made everybody feel welcome and loved. As a black student at VA in 1967 she and her husband made us feel normal. What a great feeling at a tumultuous time. God bless you Nita because he knows who you were.
~ Carl Banyard ‘70

Mike was our corridor master on the first floor of Alumni Hall in 1955/6, and we got to know Nita as a warm and supportive voice on the floor. If memory serves correctly, my roommate George Arthur and I served on one or two occasions as baby sitters while they took time off for, I recall, a movie in Bellows Falls. Thus it was a great pleasure for those of us on campus for our 50th reunion in 2006 to get a chance to see Nita again and to parade into the new Nita Choukas Theater for the reunion ceremony.
~ Fred "Nick" Nichols '56

Nita Choukas was ever-present on the VA campus, exuding First Lady-quality, confidence and class as an "ambassador" of good will and encouragement to all who crossed her path. In addition, she was a true believer and staunch supporter of the arts, especially instrumental during my years on the Hilltop in promoting drama and helping to produce numerous theater productions. A truly remarkable woman; admired and respected by all who knew her.
~ Toby Hoopes '64

Mrs. Choukas was always warm and welcoming. You felt comfortable around her, during a period where VA's atmosphere was still very formal and faculty/student relations were at arms length. I can hear the creaking floors of Fuller Hall's stage and see her reassuring smile behind the curtain while hoping I would remember my lines.
~ Doug Cranshaw '66

Nita Choukas. She was one-of-a kind woman! Very compassionate and a great listener and contributor. Most insights were at the dining room table where we learned manners from her husband! Made you feel welcome in the Choukas apartment on the first floor of Alumni Hall. Good cook as I recall!
~ Penn Lardner '60

Nita Choukas was instrumental in the 1963 production of Shakespeare's "The Tempest." It took place on the old and creaky wood stage in the chapel at Fuller Hall. Drafted in the role of Ariel in the play as a freshman, I saw how much more than direction she took on that whole winter: make up, staging, song coaching at the elementary school off campus, organizing the taped (reel to reel) recordings from a chamber group, daily prompting of lines and positions, lighting changes mid-performance, etc. Imagine doing all this at an all boys' school while at the same time being the headmaster's wife and mother of young Mike.
~ Will Hutchinson '67

Nita Choukas - A beautiful person in so many ways---loved to see that smile everyday.
~ Marty Hall '56

During my 3 years at VA I remember Nita (Mrs. Choukas then) as a warm and wonderful lady. I considered her to be one of the top two or three faculty wives and it was always a treat to dine at the Choukas table when Nita was in attendance. I found Nita to be a warm, interesting, funny, sincere and real special person. Sixty-six years of marriage is a profound tribute to two amazing people who gave so much of themselves to make the lives of all who knew them significantly better.
~ David Koepf '64

In 1977 VA performed the musical Li'l Abner directed by Mark Herko and Mary Hepburn. It was a memorable because so many faculty, staff, students and the great Saxtons River community were involved in the production. The rehearsal time and hours spent with this group including The Choukas's, Kat Shepard, Bob Harrington, Bob Long, Franklin Geist, Bob Hewitt, Jill Morse and Ted Truslow were an unforgettable experience!
~ Karen Galloway '80

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