Bob “Doc” Hewitt

When I think of Vermont Academy, I think mostly of Doc Hewitt. It was in his class room and lab that he taught his students more than just chemistry.
He taught us that learning could be fun... even for traditionally "dry" subjects like chemistry. The laughter he evoked, the anecdotes he told to get us interested in a chemical process, or the pithy little sayings he taught us to help us to memorize chemistry rules are forever seared in my brain. For example: When studying about atoms, does anyone remember what a "gain in an electron does or what a loss of an electron does, and how you remember which one is which? I do! the little saying he taught us....LEO the lion goes GER.---Loss of an Electron is Oxidation, while a Gain of an Electron is Reduction. (...pppsssstt, Doc! Did I get that right?) Doc's "office" was his desk space where a small group of students, including me, gathered daily to hang out with him. Looking back, it is a wonder he got anything done! But he was always glad to see us, mentor us and laugh with us. The memory of his sense of humor, integrity, intelligence, patience, gentle spirit, humility and laughter have followed me through life. Love ya Doc.
~ Alexandra Wagaman ‘77

Mr. "Beano" Tripp - mathematics and Mr. Hewitt - organic chemistry. Both of these teachers' knowledge of their subject and their expertise of imparting that knowledge made these classes ones that I loved and looked forward to attending. Always helpful whatever they were doing!
~Dave Carlson ‘69

In 1977 VA performed the musical Li'l Abner directed by Mark Herko and Mary Hepburn. It was a memorable because so many faculty, staff, students and the great Saxtons River community were involved in the production. The rehearsal time and hours spent with this group including The Choukas's, Kat Shepard, Bob Harrington, Bob Long, Franklin Geist, Bob Hewitt, Jill Morse and Ted Truslow were an unforgettable experience!
~ Karen Galloway 1980

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