H. Edmund “Beano” Tripp

The first was Beano Tripp. He was a very giving and meaningful math teacher, dorm master, and athletic trainer par excellance!
The next one was Michael Choukas who taught me math so well that when I went to college and had to take college math, I received a A! Finally, the third teacher who made an impact on me was John Lucy. As a football coach and Spanish teacher, he was very compassionate and a confidant; he allowed VA to changed from a single wing offense to a T formation which was the formation I was brought up in from my high school days. It made our teams multi-dimensional.
~ Penn Lardner - Class of 1960

Mr. "Beano" Tripp - mathematics and Mr. Hewitt - organic chemistry. Both of these teachers' knowledge of their subject and their expertise of imparting that knowledge made these classes ones that I loved and looked forward to attending. Always helpful whatever they were doing!
~Dave Carlson ‘69

Agnes C. Black '41, Warren Chivers, Ed "Beano" Tripp, and all faculty when I was a student attending VA. Angus Black '41 and Warren Chivers gave me wisdom and understanding- my second parents for four years.
~ John Anderson II '61

Ed "Beano" Tripp - His Sunday night "Ice Cream Sundae" gatherings in his living room on Alumni III.
~ Class of 1953


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