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Global Programs Student Application

Vermont Academy Global Programs allows interested students to:

  • Live and learn at Vermont Academy’s satellite campuses in Belize and Spain
  • Immerse themselves in the language, customs, history and culture of Europe and Central America.
  • Live with native host families.
  • Explore representative cultural, natural and other important places in Spain and Belize.
  • Continue classes at VA along with our specific courses abroad.
  • Work with VA Global Programs faculty
Application Instructions
1. Select the Program Abroad you want to participate by checking the option below.
2. Complete the application and hand it in to Mrs. Liz Jackson
3. Selection for Vermont Academy's Abroad Campuses will be complete by Wednesday, November 1st.
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Your parents need to write an email to Mrs. Jackson stating their approval of your participation in the program. The email can be sent to Mrs. Jackson at