Lizzy Adams '17

The China Program made me more aware of the people and culture. Now when I hear about China on the news, I have a real connection to what’s happening.
Trimester Programs


Vermont Academy students are able to spend their fall trimester at Hangzhou Entel Foreign Language School, our partner school in China. Students live with Chinese roommates Monday through Thursday, and enjoy home stays with carefully matched Chinese families for maximum authentic immersion in language and Chinese culture. Vermont Academy students continue their regular VA classes with academic support from two support teachers from VA as well as from Entel School teachers specializing in math and science.

In addition, the China Program offers credit-bearing electives, including Chinese Calligraphy (Art credit), Hangzhou History, Economics, and Politics Studies (History credit), Mandarin Chinese (World Language credit), and Chinese Literature Appreciation (English credit) to enrich our students' academic experience in China.

Finally, students will have extensive overnight travels to Beijing, Xi’An, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Taipei to experience the ancient and modern styles of China. Travel highlights include: the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the beautiful West Lake, pandas, the Terracotta Army, biking in the Xi’An City Wall, ancient tea houses, Confucius Temple, Taipei 101, and the Bund in Shanghai etc.

Ten Must-Do Things with Vermont Academy China Campus

1. Visit The Great Wall
2. Try Beijing roast duck
3. Have meals at the Grandma’s Home in Hangzhou
4. See pandas
5. Enjoy the Chengdu-style hot pot
6. Spend a lazy afternoon checking out different teahouses in Chengdu and boating in the people’s park
7. Eat biang biang noodle in Xi’An
8. Bike on Xi’An city wall during sunset
9. Bargain at the Muslim Quarter in Xi’An
10. Participate the All-school Olympics at the Hangzhou Entel School