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Global Education

What if students could expand their minds, becoming independent thinkers, empathetic negotiators, and agents of change across the four corners of the world?

They can at Vermont Academy!
Vermont Academy’s Global Programs offer students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in another culture while continuing to stay on top of the Vermont Academy curriculum. In addition, these programs are focused on developing skills in leadership, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork competency, cross-cultural competency, problem-solving skills, and active listening.

Whether it be eight weeks in Spain, Belize, or China, students inevitably become more independent, confident, and prepared for life after Vermont Academy, while gaining a unique understanding of history & economics, art & language, and culture & traditions.


Study abroad curricula are designed from disciplines that map naturally to the local geography:
· Europe: history and humanities
· Latin America: environmental science and sustainability
· Asia: sciences and technology

Apply a global perspective to your Vermont Academy education.

Meet the Team!

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  • Ms. Liz Jackson 

    Director of Global Programs/Director and Founder of Gogi Abroad
    Lesley University - M.Ed
    University or Oregon and Lesley University
  • Ms. Cynthia Murphy 

    English Faculty / International and Diversity Coordinator
    Bennington College - BA
    University of New Hampshire - MST
  • Ms. Christy Catsos 

    History and Learning Skills Faculty / Coordinator of the International Resource Center
    College of the Holy Cross - BA
    Providence College - MEd
  • Mrs. Tammy Clark 

    Registrar, Primary Designated School Official (SEVIS)
    (802) 869-6265
    Champlain College
  • Ms. Christine Armiger 

    Director of Environmental Programs & Sustainability / Science Faculty
    (802) 869-6682
    University of Montana - BS
    Antioch University New England - MS
  • Mr. Russell Mayhew 

    Math Department Chair
    (802) 869 1481
    Indiana University - BA
    Northwestern University - MSEd


List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Where and when do Trimesters Abroad happen?

    • Belize in the Winter
    • Spain in the Spring
  • Q. Who is eligible?

    All students at Vermont Academy should have the opportunity to participate in a trimester abroad. However, there is a limit of 15 participants per trimester, and you must have good academic and citizenship performance. A committee selects the participants for each trimester.
  • Q. Do I have to take a second language at Vermont Academy to participate?

    No. Global Programs seeks to bring to students a set of skills and experiences that are broader than learning a second language--but we do strongly encourage you to take the appropriate language, since it will enhance your participation in the program.
  • Q. What happens to my academic life while abroad?

    Your academics will continue abroad. Vermont Academy has two Vermont Academy teachers and 2 tutors on each campus who will continue to teach your year-long courses. Please see the Global Programs Student Handbook for academic details, daily class schedule, Trimester Abroad Curriculum, etc.
  • Q. Is there a fee involved in the participation?

    Although VA subsidizes most of the cost involved, there is a $4,500-$5,500 fee to cover expenses such as living expenses (room and board), cultural activities, transportation, insurances, cultural trips, etc.
  • Q. What do I have to do to apply?

    There is an application form on-line that you can fill and send to us or print and turn it in to the Global Programs Office. For Belize there is an application period during the Fall and for China during the Spring.

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