Tin Plate Pizza Class Hosted by James Harris '06

Zoom (Link shared in registration confirmation email)

Join James Harris '06, owner of Tin Plate Pizza and Dynamite Cookies in Breckenridge, CO, for this virtual pizza-making class. 

James will share the mechanics of sourdough (and instant/active yeast) pizza and will discuss the following:
  • Pizza Dough
    • What is sourdough and how is it different from active/instant yeast?
    • How to maintain sourdough
    • What happens when pizza dough rises?
    • The benefits of an autolyse
  • Cooking Mechanics
    • Temperatures and time
    • Toppings and Ingredients: Would you cover a bone-in ribeye with ketchup?
  • Hands-On Practice
    • The Rubaud Mixing Method
    • Stretching and Folding: Pizza dough yoga for gluten development
    • Balling dough
    • Shaping pizza dough
Important Class Notes
We'll use the “The Tin Plate Sourdough” recipe (included in your confirmation email when you register), which requires a fully viable sourdough starter that rises predictably. Your starter should double in size between 3-6 hours after being fed, and it should do this consistently.

If you don't have a viable starter, we've also included a yeasted recipe to use.
  • For Sourdough Bakers: Please mix your dough Tuesday evening and refrigerate it overnight so it will be ready for Wednesday's class. 
  • For Yeasted Dough Bakers: Please mix your dough on Monday night and refrigerate it so it will be ready for Wednesday's class. 
See who's attending...
  • George Atkins '15 and Lane Dikeman
  • Ana Hoffman P '24
  • Alliy (Reynolds) Wood '04
About Tin Plate Pizza and Dynamite Cookies
Opened in June 2021, Tin Plate is an artisan pizza restaurant that carefully sources all its ingredients, from the flour in its dough to the toppings on the pies, from local farms and suppliers. Next door, a walk-up cookie shop serves up unique sourdough cookies in a variety of flavors. By using the sourdough that started it all, Dynamite Cookies are baked at an extremely high temperature, resulting in a crispy exterior and warm, gooey interior.

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