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    Jonathan Barron '96 

    Theater Arts Director
    University of New Hampshire - BA

Horowitz Hall

Our performing arts center and auditorium features: 
  • 350 Seat Theater
  • Professional Sound
  • 60+ Theatrical Lighting Capacity
  • Full Catwalk, Electrical, and Mechanical Fly Systems
  • Scene Shop
  • Student-Operated Production Booth
  • WiFi and Full Digital Projection
  • Bechstein Grand Piano
  • Gallery Space
Performing Arts


At Vermont Academy when you access the arts, you access your self.

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  • What does Vermont Academy Theatre Arts provide?

    Vermont Academy Theatre Arts provides production experiences each year and elective coursework. The season consists of plays, musicals, and/or a student-generated piece, and the 24 Hour Play festival. This multi-genre season offers the entire VA community to enjoy, and learn from a well-rounded year of theater.

    Faculty strive to select shows that reflect who our students are and expose them to realities different from theirs. Coursework introduces students to theatre, then, should the students choose, deepens their knowledge and skills in areas such as theatre styles, acting, and theatre technology.
  • When does Vermont Academy Theatre Arts happen?

    Vermont Academy works to make theatre accessible to those who want to give it a try and those who find Theatre to be a primary interest. Theatre is a part of Vermont Academy’s day, afternoon and evening. Production experiences are offered as an afternoon activity and as an extracurricular evening commitment. The evening commitment rotates to a different trimester every year. This way, students can choose to participate in theatre in the afternoons, or, if a student has an interest in a sport or different afternoon activity, they are able to engage with theatre in the evening. Elective coursework in theatre is available to all students.
  • Why participate in Vermont Academy Theatre Arts?

    Whether you want to step outside your comfort zone, or, if theatre is a central passion in your life, or if you just curious, Vermont Academy will meet you where you are.

    While involved you will learn and practice creative collaboration, artistic process, community-oriented participation, connection with different perspectives and beliefs, and personal excellence. You can pursue a variety of interests in Theatre Arts and will be given the knowledge and skills to cultivate a new ability or strengthen an existing one.
  • How do I participate in Vermont Academy Theatre Arts?

    Show up and have a great time. You won’t be turned away. If you have any questions, contact Jonathan Barron '96, the Theater Arts Director. As an alumnus of VA, he deeply believes in the school's theater program and wants to involve as many students as possible.
  • Vermont Academy Theatre Arts Production Experience

    Production students engage in a collaborative and creative process with a scripted work. This process is situated in a professional presenting/producing model and enhanced via focus on individual student interest and prosocial growth.

    Students are assigned various roles based in personal interest and growth opportunities. Students are guided through and learn the steps of pre-production, rehearsal, design and post production processes of their production assignment. Examples of these roles can include but are not limited to: actor, stage manager, carpenter, dramaturg, scenic designer, playwright, and/or sound board operator. Knowledge and skills will be taught through demonstration, craft-based exercises, brief lectures, and experiential tasks.

    Students will synthesize the knowledge and skills they are provided to realize their process as theatre makers. Through artistic analysis, intuition and evaluation students will interpret meaning from a scripted work to collaborate, develop and craft their production. Specifically, students might analyze and evaluate the scripted work for theatre styles, management tasks, design, acting choices and a personal and meaningful connection to the text. Through this collaborative process with peers and instructors, they will execute their production assignment to convey the scripted work’s story and their discovered meaning and vision. Students will present their work to Vermont Academy and its extended community.
"Theater has given me the chance to try things I never thought I could do. On stage, I am able to step out of my comfort zone and create something that people love to watch. Being able to perform here at VA, with the incredible cast and crew, has allowed my true self to shine through." - Sarah '19