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    Steve Cady 

    Performing Arts Chair / Music Programs
    (802) 869-6213
    Keene State College - BA
    Keene State College - BM
    Rowan University - MM
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    Ashley Storrow 

    Vocal Ensemble Instructor
    Skidmore College - BA
    SIT Graduate Institute - MA candidate
Performing Arts


"The reason I think VA has an outstanding music program is that all the music teachers dedicate themselves to educating students, not only to become better musicians but understand the core values behind the music. Over my four years, I have become a better musician and learned the importance and power of music." - Aaron '19
The Music Department at Vermont Academy is a thriving and growing set of programs that offer a diverse selection of musical activities for our students. Students participate in classes, ensembles, lessons, jam sessions, instrument building, and recording projects with their peers and instructors. On an intimate campus, the presence of musicians at Vermont Academy is strong, and their performances are met with acclaim from their friends and families.

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  • Ensembles

    Instrumental and Vocal music ensembles are available during the academic day during a non-conflict period. Each group performs in multiple concerts and venues throughout the year, and their members are frequent participants in regional and state-wide music festivals.

    Ensembles are full-year courses with open enrollment
    at winter and spring trimesters. No prerequisite

    Jazz Ensemble
    Through intensive ensemble rehearsal, this class will
    provide members with the knowledge of and ability to
    perform music from the jazz, funk, Latin, and contemporary
    literature. Two rehearsals per week make this ½ class an
    easy addition to a musician’s academic schedule. The group focuses on ensemble playing of music of all styles, as well as improvisational and instrumental technique. The ensemble presents upwards of 6 concerts each year to enthusiastic audiences. All instrumental students are welcome to enroll, with occasional limitations based on instrumentation.

    Vocal Ensemble
    Through ensemble rehearsal, this class will provide members with the knowledge of and ability to perform music from many genres, including jazz, classical, madrigal, musical theater, spiritual, and contemporary literature. Two rehearsals per week make this ½ class an easy addition to a musician’s academic schedule. The group also works on vocal techniques. The ensemble presents upwards of 6 concerts each year. In addition, students are also eligible for off-campus festivals, such as the All-New England Choral Festival, Vermont All-State, and District Festivals.

    Chamber Music Ensemble
    This ensemble caters to the musicians at VA who are more
    interested in classical repertoire. Our group usually carries 10-15 members including strings, winds, brass, and other instruments where appropriate. Our literature includes arrangements of well-known classical pieces as well as examples of music from film and popular culture. Two rehearsals per week make this half class an easy addition to a musician’s academic schedule. This ensemble presents numerous concerts throughout the school year, adding balance to concert programs featuring Jazz and Vocal Ensembles.
  • Music Curriculum

    Below is a sample of music courses available at Vermont Academy

    Introduction to Electronic Music

    Students enrolled in Introduction to Electronic Music course discover a broad scope of concepts related to electronic music, sound recording, music technology, and STEM. Students in this course will work through a diverse set of music and technology-related activities, where they have the opportunity to build their own instruments, learn about the audio sound systems on campus, learn how to record themselves or a student band, compose an original piece of music, repair a broken instrument or amp, or unlock the secrets of wireless transmission. This is an excellent course for a student interested in pursuing any field of music technology, electronics, musical experimentation, or STEM.

    Music Appreciation

    Music Appreciation is a course designed to teach listening skills with the intention of providing historical and culturally relevant information about music throughout history. The course begins with an overview of the basic elements of music with a focus on active listening and continues with units covering many musical styles and periods including music from antiquity through the 20th century, including contemporary pop, rock, and jazz music. Students will participate in ‘music sharing’ days where they will prepare and share information about their personal interests in music, as well as attend numerous live music events throughout the term. This course offers students the opportunity to share and explore music from all genres, with an emphasis on listening techniques, diverse musical exposure, and many cultural influences in music.

    Music Workshop

    Music Workshop is a course which allows students to pursue individual and small group self-designed musical goals.  Topics include but are not limited to musical performance, music appreciation, music technology, and music composition.  Students will research, practice, and share progress on their topics throughout the term, as well as participate in weekly large group musical activities. Included is a study of basic musical functions, instruments, rhythm, and compositional techniques.  

    Advanced Music
    This full-year course allows students to pursue their individual performance, technical, or compositional goals, and to develop the skills and repertoire necessary to gain acceptance to college music programs. Available only to seniors with application and instructor permission. 
  • Lessons

    Vermont Academy’s music lesson program offers students with an interest in performance a chance to study their instrument as part of their academic regiment. Students:
    • take a lesson with a private teacher once a week during the academic day
    • earn academic credit for their lessons
    • have access to practice rooms, lockers, and listening resources.
    These lesson students benefit from the outstanding teaching and musicianship brought to Vermont Academy by our staff of adjunct music teachers, who organize a culminating recital at the end of each trimester.
  • Music Resources

    • Keyed Practice Rooms
    • Bechstein Concert Grand Piano
    • Konabe 6” Grand Piano
    • 6 Yamaha Upright Pianos
    • Drum Studio
    • Recording Studio
    • Horowitz Performing Arts Hall
    • Lockers for Instrument Storage
    • Listening Stations
    • Instrumental Loans
    • Large Library of Printed and Recorded Music
    • Professional Performers as Teaching Faculty
Below are samples of musical pieces created and/or performed by Vermont Academy students and faculty. We hope you enjoy them!
Here is a vocal ensemble rendition of a popular African American spiritual, "Oh Freedom" with an image and quote by Abigail Hawkins '23 as well as a rendition of Norah Jones's "Don't Know Why" sung by Annie Moore '21.
The second sample includes five original compositions created in 24 hours as part of Vermont Academy's 2021 24 Hour Play Festival.

Compositions include student pieces composed and performed by Alden Ormont '23 for solo electric guitar, Jenna Powers '22 for solo voice, and Andre Mendes '22 with music and lyrics on digital platform. Faculty members also contributed, with Ms. Storrow's "Take Me Back" written for voice and acoustic guitar and Mr. Cady's 'Soundscape' created by audio recorded on his double bass.