Class Representatives

Class representatives have three important job responsibilities. They are to:
  • CONNECT— keep class spirit alive through calls, emails, social networking, thank you notes, and/or class notes; send an annual letter to classmates; actively seek to find lost alumni/ae and capture email addresses for all classmates. Coordinate class involvement in Reunion Weekend.
  • GIVE — set an example by giving annually at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  • ASK — others to join you in supporting Vermont Academy financially.
Find your class representative below! 

Class of Class Representative Email
'45 Frank Jackson fpjackson[at]
'46 Class Rep Needed
'47 Class Rep Needed
'48 Class Rep Needed
'49 Les Smith als1710[at]
'50 Class Rep Needed
'51 Bob Anderson rbanders345[at]
'52 Darrel Clowes clowes[at]
'53 George Welles Ghwelles[at]
'54 Don Megathlin capemegathlins[at]
'55 Don Scholl goscholl[at}
'56 Fred Nichols fnichols56[at]
'57 Bill Morton wbmort911[at]
'58 David Morse dgmaei1[at]
'59 Don McInnes dgmcin10[at]
'60 Penn Lardner richardlardner[at]
George Yeomans gyeomans106[at]
'61 Reginald Blauvelt regtb3[at]
Keith Nightingale phred2505[at]
'62 Dick Weeks dick_weeks[at]
'63 Russ Vogel russjsi2009[at]
'64 Toby Hoopes toho33[at]
'65 Craig Baab craigbaab[at]
Augustus Clement voicedocgc[at]
'66 Rick Janis rick.janis[at]
'67 Whitney Gay whitclaud[at]
Rick Moulton rwmjr[at]
'68 Rick Sacknoff rsacknoff[at]
'69 Mark Russell mark.russell[at]
John Hoder john.hoder[at]
'70 Rich Patterson rpatterson[at]
Bernard Hoyes bernardhoyes[at]
'71 Bud Wilkinson budw[at]
'72 Tom Inglehart tinglehart[at]
'73 Charlie Gunn cgunn[at]
'74 Class Rep Needed
'75 Class Rep Needed
'76 Class Rep Needed
'77 Sean Bersell va77[at]
'78 Peter Sawyer pcsawyer[at]
'79 Alison Cummings ali[at]
Jane Ogden janevermont[at]
'80 Larry Echanis echanis[at]
'81 Al Simon alsimon63[at]
'82 Tom Oxholm tcoxholm[at]
'83 Keith Canning kcanning[at]
Dan Dougherty dougherty.doc[at]
Dora Sudarsky dsudarsky[at]
Adam Tschorn atschorn[at]
'84 Mark Culkin mjculkin[at]
'85 Andy Bigelow ajbigelow[at]
Chris Stevens cstev118[at]
'86 Francis Willett fswillett[at]
'87 Sarah Frederick Lehrich sfred[at]
'88 Diana Barton Gleeson dianagleeson19[at]
'89 Henry Ammons henry[at] 
Taryn McCarthy taryn[at] 
'90 Ann Afragola Jones anndanjones[at]
'91 Amy Howard amyh294[at]
'92 Betsy Adams ReillyVT[at]
'93 Noel Chipman noelchipman1[at]
'94 Class Rep Needed
'95 Erika Gustafson gutentuf[at]
'96 Kirk Vaughan kirk.vaughan[at]
'97 Sarah Weilbrenner Viteri sweilbrenner[at]
'98 Alex Law alexhlaw22[at]
Kate Turner kathryn.abernethy[at]
'99 Katherine Dawes katherinefdawes[at]
Sarah Murrow sarah.ramian[at]
Andy Tyson mr.andrew.tyson[at]
'00 Matt Howarth matthewjhowarth[at]
Jeannlis Sanchez tiatula973[at]
'01 Kristin Dubak kmdubak[at]
Andrew Guard jandrewguard[at]
Alex Guard alexandraguard[at]
Corey Jaworski coreyejaworski[at]
'02 Amber DiPasquale ambermdipasquale[at]
John Penney jpenney3[at]
'03 Christina Downing christinardowning[at]
Kyle Nelligan nellybelly33[at]
Andrew Robinson andrewrobinson01[at]
'04 Ed Duess ed.duess[at]
'05 Erik Frost erik[at]
'06 Austin DeLonge austin.delonge[at]
Zach Jandl Zachjandl[at]
'07 Kait Schiro Ferreira kait.schiro[at]
'08 Paulina Borrego paulinaborrego12[at]
Ian Tovell  ian.w.tovell[at]
'09 Class Rep Needed
'10 Cameron Scully-Ramirez cscullyramirez[at]
'11 Kelly Johnson 45kelly.johnson71[at]
Chase Vaughan charlesvaughan211[at]
'12 Shelby Johnson shelby.johnson579[at]
Thomas Savoca tsavoca1[at]
'13 Ari Beauregard arianabeauregard27[at]
Sam Gillingham sammyg001[at]
'14 Leyte McNealus mcnealus18[at]
Erik Nielsen enielsen1[at]
'15 George Atkins George.W.Atkins.1996[at]
Eddie Miller kemiller9696[at]
'16 Tanner Dalton sniperdalton11[at]
J'Nisha Little  littlejnisha[at]
'17 Cara Linder caraslinder[at]
Guy Piccolo gpiccolo31[at]
'18 Ava Hill avahill2000[at]
Jamie Kuesel jamiekueselemail[at]
'19 Zoee Blossom zoya.blossom[at]
Patrick Ogden pogden52[at]
John Peloso johnrobertpeloso[at]
'20 Lauren Eppinger eppingerlauren[at]
Gigi Wood dramaqueen21[at]
'21 Maggie Hodgson m.hodgie03[at]
Matt Sorenson matthew.m.sorensen[at]
'22 Amalia Allen amalia.allen22[at]
Mia Hennum mhennum1393[at]
'23 Abbey Hawkins amariehawk06[at]
Wyatt Turner jameswturnip[at]