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Performing Arts Open Houses

At our small school,
Your part can be something big!
We believe the arts are vital to the development of adolescents.

Vermont Academy’s Arts Programs strive to select shows, music, and visual arts that both reflect who our students are and expose them to realities different from their own.

The Performing Arts Department produces seven annual events in an inspirational 350-seat theater. These events include three theatre productions and four music concerts.
We believe in the arts enough to allow students to participate in theatre or other arts activities, like rehearsing a play or working on Vermont Academy’s weekly TV show, as their afternoon activity–instead of participating in a sport!

At Vermont Academy, when you access the arts you access your self.

What are you waiting for?

Spend a day or an evening at Vermont Academy discovering how much we value the arts, and how much we will value your artistic, social, and academic development.

Here are two opportunities—choose one or both!

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