Visit Campus!

 You now have two ways to visit campus!

1. Drive-through tours

While we can't invite out-of-state visitors to enter our buildings, our admissions staff would be thrilled to lead you as you drive around campus. This is a fantastic way to understand all the benefits our small campus offers to students and families!
  • See our buildings, athletic fields, and grounds.
  • Talk directly to admissions staff and have them answer any questions.
  • Get an up-close feel for our entire community!
Contact our admissions office at to schedule your drive-through tour!

2. Visit us virtually!

Virtual visits are designed for you and your family to discover what Vermont Academy has to offer. It’s the time to jump in, ask questions, and learn about the opportunities and programs that interest you!
  • See our buildings and campus in the video on this page.
  • Meet teachers, coaches, and activity advisors.
  • Chat with parents and students.
  • Hear from recent alumni!

And you can always contact our admissions office at if there's any other information you need or if any of the dates and times of the sessions below don't work for you!

Hear what faculty, parents and students have to say obout our school!

We held interactive zoom sessions with faculty, parents and students last year and you can find the recordings below. You'll learn why we're such a special place from those who choose to work here, send thier children, and attend!

1. Faculty Panel:  Watch and Listen Here!  

2. Arts at Vermont Academy:  Watch and Listen Here!   

3. Parents Perspectives on Boarding School:  Watch and Listen Here!

4. Parents Perspectives on Day Student Life:  Watch and Listen Here!

5. Our Students' Perspectives:  Watch and Listen Here!

6. Our Learning Skills Program: 
 Watch and Listen Here!

You can message students and parents one-on-one online!

You can connect with current Vermont Academy students and parents to learn about their experiences with our school. Ask questions, make connections, and find out why students and parents feel a Vermont Academy education was a great investment! 

Students: Create an account and send your first message!  Students Start Here  

Parents: Create your account and send your first message!   Parents Start Here  

You can schedule a 1-to-1 conversation with a teacher or coach!

Fill out the simple form below to schedule a personal meeting with a member of our faculty or coaching staff!

We look forward to seeing you!