Tuition & Fees 2020-2021

Boarding Students: $64,200
Day Students: $33,650

Health Insurance
All international students must enroll in a health insurance plan covering the period of time that the student plans to reside in the United States.

10 month plan: $2,395.00
12 month plan: $2,650.00

Optional for domestic students.

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  • Fees

    Incidental fees are listed below. Rates are subject to change without notice.

    Fees include but are not limited to the following:    
    Art Classes: $35 per trimester
    Black & White Photo Lab Fee: $35 per trimester
    Dance: $100 per season
    Drivers Education: $600 
    Electronic Music: $40 per trimester
    English as a Second Language: $650.00 per trimester
    Equestrian: $1,500 per season
    Filmmaking: $35 per trimester
    Golf: $350 per season
    International Student Fee: $2,950 per year
    Learning Skills: $950 - $3,800 per trimester 
    Music Lessons: $35 per lesson
    Physics Mechanics Lab Fee: $85 per year
    Pottery: $30 per trimester
    Robotics Lab Fee: $160 per year
    Skiing/Snowboarding: $450 to $2,400 per season
    Yearbook: $25 
  • Health Insurance

    All international students must enroll in a health insurance plan covering the period of time that the student plans to reside in the United States.

    10 month plan: $2,395.00
    12 month plan: $2,650.00
  • Financial Aid for Domestic Students

    The financial aid policy at Vermont Academy primarily considers financial need in addition to school enrollment goals and student body composition when making financial aid awards. We partner with School and Student Services to determine a family's financial need. Families are asked to submit the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS), which details family information, income, and expenses. These awards are reviewed annually and are contingent upon continued demonstrated need, as well as good academic and social standing. Financial Aid applications are due February 1st. Applications received after that deadline will be reviewed and awarded based on the space and aid available. Financial Aid awards cover tuition, room, and board. Transportation, books, and other fees are the responsibility of the family. See below for fee details.

  • Scholarship Opportunities

    Vermont Academy offers an array of Merit Scholarship opportunities as well as a Legacy Scholarship.

    Click here for more information.
  • The Vermont Scholars Program

    The Vermont Scholars program is a merit scholarship program for students who live in Vermont. The program features a merit scholarship of $15,933, which is the average tuition of 7th-12th grade school students published by the State of Vermont. 

    The scholarship:
    • is a merit scholarship (there is no consideration of financial need)
    • will be awarded for up to four years
    • reduces the 2020-2021 tuition for day students to $16,717
    • reduces tuition for boarding students to $44,657.
    Families living in sending/tuition towns will further reduce tuition by the amount of their town’s contribution, which could cover most if not all of the remaining day-student tuition or a significant portion of boarding tuition.

    Learn more about Vermont Scholars Here.
  • Financial Aid for International Students

    We provide a limited amount of financial aid to international students. To apply, international families must complete the PFS, but also must submit the International Student Financial Aid Profile.

    First Flag Merit Scholarships for International Students
    Vermont Academy’s dining hall is populated with flags of countries which have been represented by Vermont Academy’s students now and in the past. Each year we have a flag ceremony in which we raise any flags for students who represent a new country.

    Vermont Academy offers awards to highly qualified students who come from under-represented or first-time countries. To apply for a First Flag Merit Scholarship, simply complete the admissions process. Scholarships will be awarded based on merit and applicant pool composition.


List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is the enrollment deposit?

    Domestic students:
    A non-refundable enrollment deposit of 10% of the total tuition, less any financial aid award, is due by the date stated in the Reservation Agreement. The deposit will be counted toward the outstanding tuition balance.

    International students:
    A non-refundable enrollment deposit of 10% of the total tuition plus a $2,950 International Student Fee is due by the date stated in the Reservation Agreement. Students from China must pay a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $10,000 plus a $2,950 International Student Fee by the date stated in the Reservation Agreement. The deposit will be counted toward the outstanding tuition balance. International families must pay the tuition in full before or on July 15.
  • Q. What is the International Student Fee?

    An International Student Fee of $2,950 is required of all international students. It is non-refundable and helps to defray expenses incurred during enrollment and immigration processing, as well as other costs and expenses associated with the international program. The fee must be paid with your deposit.
  • Q. What does Vermont Academy use for tuition and incidental billing?

    We use Smart Tuition for tuition and incidental billing; our international families can use Smart Tuition as well, because the service accepts international payments through peerTransfer ®. This streamlines the process of international tuition payments; peerTransfer® allows you to pay securely from any country and any bank, generally in your home currency. By making your payment through Smart Tuition using peerTransfer ®, you can:
    • Track your payments from start to finish
    • Save on bank fees and exchange rates
    • Contact their multilingual customer support team with any questions, day and night
  • Q. What are the important dates for admissions/financial aid applicants?

    February 1 is the date all paperwork must be received by the Admissions Office in order to be considered in the first round of applications, after which we are on “rolling admissions,” or a space-available basis. If forms are received after this date, we cannot guarantee that the file will be reviewed before our decision letters and reservation agreements are mailed on March 10. April 10 is the due date for the return of reservation agreements and deposits.
  • Q. How do I view statements of tuition, incidental fees, or payments on my account?

    Smart Tuition is Vermont Academy’s third-party biller. Participation in Smart Tuition is compulsory for all families, and there is an annual fee of $50.

    You can view statements of tuition, incidental fees, and payments on your Smart Tuition account. You can make payments in a variety of ways, and schedule how you want to receive invoices (email or mail). It is expected that all accounts are paid and up to date on or before the 25th of each month. A late fee of $45 will be assessed on all accounts not paid within these terms. An additional monthly finance charge of 1.5% may apply on all unpaid balances thereafter.
  • Q. What is a Student Spending Account?

    At Vermont Academy, we are committed to a complete education for each student, and part of that education is the ability to budget funds as well as time. We believe the Student Spending Account (SSA) gives students a valuable experience with handling money and, at the same time, allows you control over your student’s spending while at school.

    The SSA is based on facial recognition in our point-of-sale system as well as the student ID card. Purchases and withdrawals can be made as long as there is a sufficient balance in the student’s debit account; students should always have their ID cards ready to show.

    The Vermont Academy SSA can be used to make purchases at the School Store, which may include clothing, personal items, school and athletic supplies, drinks and snack foods at the VA Café, and supplementary classroom reading materials.

    Parents/guardians are able to set limits on how much the student has available to spend on School store purchases and bank withdrawals. These maximums are set as weekly restrictions. Within the parameters set by their parents, students are able to make weekly withdrawals in the SSA for allowance, weekend trips, etc. If no restriction is set, a maximum withdrawal of $40/week will be allowed. Restrictions may be changed at any time during the school year by emailingemailing Candy Chaples or calling 802-869-6804.

    Miscellaneous charges for participation in special events, athletics and student fundraisers are also processed through the SSA.
    Parents will be responsible for viewing purchases made and funding this account through the online portal of If there are insufficient funds in the student’s account, the transaction may not be allowed. If the account becomes negative, a check, cash, or credit card will be required at the time of sale.

    Student Spending Worksheet
  • Q. What about Health Services/Student Insurance?

    Vermont Academy Health Services provides comprehensive health care to students, including 24-hour nursing coverage as well as an on-site medical clinic, counseling, and athletic training services. Students are required to possess domestic health insurance coverage that will reimburse preventive as well as emergency care in Vermont and New Hampshire. International students are required to purchase United Health Care insurance managed by the Academy. Parents are ultimately responsible for all charges. Charges may include prescription drug costs and fees associated with the packaging of medication, transportation to appointments, counseling services, medical supplies, and overnight nursing care. Charges are billed at the cost to provide the service. For more information and questions, contact Vermont Academy Health Services.
  • Q. What about Tuition Insurance?

    The Tuition Insurance Plan at Vermont Academy is compulsory. The Academy is authorized to credit any claim payment to which we are entitled under that plan. After any payment by the plan is credited to the Student’s account, we are required to pay Vermont Academy any remaining balance within 30 days after receipt of a final itemized bill.  Vermont Academy will pay any excess balance to us. 

    Vermont Academy provides a Tuition Insurance Plan (TIP) to safeguard the investment of parents/guardians and lessen financial hardship. The plan credits 50 percent of the unused tuition upon a student’s separation from Vermont Academy. This is a non-refundable, non-prorated premium. TIP costs 5 percent of adjusted tuition (tuition less VA financial aid, if applicable).

    The academic year upon which refunds are based consists of the number of consecutive calendar days in the school year from opening day through graduation (including weekends, holidays, and vacations).
  • Q. Do you offer an Early Tuition Payment Discount?

    No, we no longer offer an early pay discount.

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