Vermont Academy to me is a place where I have been able to develop from a kid that was obsessed with sports into someone more complex. I was given the chance to try new things and be in a comfortable environment to do so.” John '19 (Townshend, VT)

Kelly '21 (South Londonderry, VT): “I came to Vermont Academy because when I visited I felt very welcomed. Over the past school year I have found that VA is a very open community and accepting environment.
Tuition & Financial Aid

The Vermont Scholars Program

Giving Vermont Students a Superior Education

Vermont Academy’s Head of School, Dr. Jennifer Zaccara, has announced the creation of a new merit scholarship program for students who live in Vermont. 
The program features a merit scholarship of $15,933, which is the average tuition of 7th-12th grade school students published by the State of Vermont. “We’re going to give students the State’s 'average' funding and in return they’ll have the chance to receive a superior education,” explains Zaccara.

The scholarship:
  • is a merit scholarship -- there's no consideration of financial need
  • will be awarded for up to four years
  • reduces the 2020-2021 tuition for day students to $16,717
  • reduces tuition for boarding students to $44,657.
Families living in sending/tuitioning towns will further reduce tuition by the amount of their town’s contribution, which could cover most if not all of the remaining day-student tuition or a significant portion of boarding tuition.

Need-based financial aid is also available.

The expedited, 4-step application process is comprised of a written application, a financial aid application (only required for those looking for additional aid), teacher recommendations, and a school transcript. 

The SSAT Exam is optional for Vermont students applying under this program.

The Vermont Scholar Program is supported by the Vermont Academy Board of Trustees. 

Dr. Zaccara explains, “We’re so fortunate to have a board who understands how important it is to have local students here, and to help us come up with a program to bring many more in-state students to our small and beautiful campus. Students come from around the world to be challenged academically and to foster a love of learning. We are the only private school in the state with ‘Vermont’ in its name, and we’re excited to have more Vermonters come here and thrive.”