Open House Series, Teaching + Learning, Oct 14, 2020

Open House Series: Athletics and Co-Curriculars, Oct 21, 2020

Open House Series, Art and Music, Oct 28 2020

Open House Series, Being a Day Student, Nov 3, 2020

Open House Series, Being a Boarding Student, Nov 11, 2020

Open House Series: Affording Vermont Academy, November 18, 2020

Join us on Wednesday nights to explore your interests and to hear from faculty, students, and parents.

All sessions will be live on Zoom on Wednesday nights at 6pm EST.
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Winter Open House Series:

Previous Open House Series Sessions:
October 14th - Teaching and Learning WATCH 
October 21st - Athletics and Activities WATCH
October 28th - Arts and Music WATCH
November 4th - Being a Day Student WATCH
November 11th - Being a Boarding Student WATCH
November 18th - Affording Vermont Academy WATCH

If you are not able to attend a session, The Series will be recorded and uploaded to our website and youtube following each event. We can also put you in touch directly with panelists.

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