Below you will find information about tuition and fees, our financial aid program, merit scholarships, important dates and deadlines, and a section on frequently asked questions.

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  • Tuition & Fees

    2022- 23 Tuition
    Boarding Students: $64,200
    International Students: $67,150
    Day Students: $33,650

    Health Insurance
    All international students must enroll in a health insurance plan covering the period of time that the student plans to reside in the United States.

    10 month plan: $2,395.00
    12 month plan: $2,650.00

    Optional for domestic students.

    Incidental fees are listed below. Rates are subject to change without notice.

    Fees include but are not limited to the following:    
    Art Classes: $35 per trimester
    Black & White Photo Lab Fee: $35 per trimester
    Dance: $100 per season
    Electronic Music: $40 per trimester
    English as a Second Language: $650.00 per trimester
    Equestrian: $1,500 per season
    Filmmaking: $35 per trimester
    Golf: $350 per season
    International Student Fee: $2,950 per year
    Learning Skills: $950 - $3,800 per trimester 
    Music Lessons: $35 per lesson
    Physics Mechanics Lab Fee: $85 per year
    Pottery: $30 per trimester
    Robotics Lab Fee: $160 per year
    Skiing/Snowboarding: $450 to $2,400 per season
    Yearbook: $25 
  • Our Financial Aid Policy

    Education is an investment, and families should expect to contribute to the cost of their child’s education. A Vermont Academy education offers students the opportunity to be known, inspired, supported, and part of something bigger. We are committed to providing an outstanding student-centered experience where the values and student outcomes are tangible.

    Approximately 40% of Vermont Academy students receive financial aid, totaling 3.5 million dollars in awards annually.

    Financial Aid grants are determined by a family’s demonstrated need, the merit of the applicant, and many other factors, after thoughtful consideration by the financial aid committee. To fairly and objectively determine a family’s demonstrated need, Vermont Academy partners with School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), a third-party financial aid assessment organization. Each family completes a Parents’ Financial Aid Statement (PFS) and submits it to SSS by NAIS for Parents.

    Families should request to have their PFS sent to Vermont Academy (School Code: 7936).
    Although Vermont Academy benefits from a considerable financial aid budget, there is no guarantee that the full amount a family qualifies for will be granted in financial assistance.
  • Merit Scholarships

    Merit Scholarships for the 2022-23 academic year are being reviewed to serve our learning community best. Stay tuned!
  • The Vermont Scholars Program

    The Vermont Scholars program is a merit scholarship program for students who live in Vermont.

    The Vermont Scholars Program for the 2022-23 academic year is being reviewed and updated shortly. Stay tuned!
  • Financial Aid Calendar Important Dates

    Timeline for Returning Students 
    January 15
    Submit completed Parent Financial Statement (PFS) to SSS by NAIS for Parents as well as tax returns and income verification documents.

    February 15
    Re-enrollment contracts and financial aid decisions sent to returning students and families.

    Timeline for New Students 
    February 1
    Submit a completed application for admission.

    Submit completed Parent Financial Statement (PFS) to SSS by NAIS for Parents indicating Vermont Academy as a recipient (School Code: 7936).

    February 15
    Submit tax returns and income verification documents to SSS by NAIS for Parents.

    March 10
    Financial Aid decisions are sent to newly admitted. students with admissions decisions


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