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List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Where is the Writing Center?

    The Writing Center is located in the central classroom space within the Learning Center, also known as Proctor Hall.
  • Q. When are tutoring appointments available?

    The Writing Center offers tutoring sessions during the following periods:
    • MONDAY: B Lab, D Lab
    • TUESDAY: F Block, E Lab, A Lab
    • WEDNESDAY: C Block, E Block, F Block
    • THURSDAY: B Block, G Lab, D Block, A Block
    • FRIDAY: G Block, C Lab, F Lab
    • SATURDAY: F Block
    If none of these session times works with your schedule, but you would like to make an appointment, please email Ms. Fuller to schedule another time.
  • Q. How do I sign up for an appointment at the Writing Center?

    Sign up for an appointment in the sign-up book on the small table outside of the Writing Center. Choose one 20-minute slot, and be sure to write your full name. Read the directions on what to bring with you to your appointment. Once you have signed up for an appointment, be sure to write that appointment down in your planner and show up to your appointment on time.
  • Q. What should I bring to my appointment at the Writing Center?

    Please bring the following items to your appointment:
    • A copy of the assignment sheet that explains the assignment you are working on
    • Two printed copies of the draft you are working on, if that is the stage you are in
    • A pen or pencil
    • An open mind
  • Q. What can I expect to happen at my Writing Center appointment?

    Your tutor will ask you to explain the assignment, and then together you will set goals for the session. He or she will then ask you to read the draft out loud so you can catch any areas that might need improvement. Finally, the tutor will ask you questions about the piece and reflect back to you what he or she was unclear about in the draft. He or she will also make suggestions for how you might improve it for the final draft.

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