Vermont Academy's STEM Program objectives:

  1. To improve the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education of every student at Vermont Academy
  2. To show students how STEM disciplines are interdependent and how they are part of a broad liberal arts education
  3. To continue to encourage and inspire those students who wish to focus on these disciplines at the highest level possible
All students who attend Vermont Academy have the opportunity to take STEM courses and participate in STEM activities that meet their academic and non-academic needs. Students can learn computational thinking and coding, collect water quality data, statistically analyze sustainability data, and construct both robots and musical instruments.

The STEM program teaches students 21st century skills such as flexibility, adaptability, initiative, and self-direction as they work individually and cooperatively to accomplish a variety of investigations and design challenges. Students practice and hone their literacy skills in writing, reading, speaking, and listening. They learn how to visually and graphically convey their message to stakeholders at Vermont Academy and beyond.

STEM is one of the strands in the intricate web of programs that help our students to become confident and independent learners who will gain the knowledge and skills to be successful in college and beyond.

Our STEM Offerings

Science Mathematics
Physics First Algebra 1
Physics Mechanics Geometry
Physics Mechanics – Honors Geometry Honors
Modern Physics Algebra 2
AP Physics 1 Algebra 2 Honors
AP Physics C – Mechanics Functions, Statistics, & Trigonometry
Chemistry Pre-Calculus
Chemistry – Honors Pre-Calculus Honors
AP Chemistry Probability and Statistics
AP Biology AP Statistics
Biology AP Statistics
Biology – Honors AP Calculus (AB)
Anatomy and Physiology AP Calculus (BC)
Kinesiology Advanced Topics in Mathematics
Environmental Science Technology
AP Environmental Science AP Computer Science Principles
Sustainability from Farm to Table
Sustainability, Energy & Climate Change
Sustainability, Innovation & Design
Geology Activities
River Systems FIRSTTech Challenge
Theater Tech
Engineering STEM Club
Robotics: Design and Engineering
Robotics: Advanced Topics in Java Programming Other Courses
Robotics: Advanced Topics in Control System Design Ninth Grade Arts Program – Arduino in Arts
Robotics: Advanced Topics in Mechanical Systems Design Electronic Instrument Building and Design
Robotics: Advanced Topics in Electrical System Design