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Learning Skills

Students who enroll in Learning Skills are driven by their desire to improve academically.
The decision to enroll in Learning Skills should be guided largely by a student’s desire to improve. While many students have undergone psycho-educational testing and have a diagnosed learning difference, many other students have come to the conclusion--without diagnostic help--that they would like dedicated and customized assistance in realizing their academic potential.

Four Core Areas

Vermont Academy's Learning Skills team are dedicated to helping your student identify and feel comfortable with their personal learning style and pace. When we see a student begin to succeed in their academics, they shine with a new sense of confidence and interest in their work that is rewarding for students, their teachers, and their family.

Our Learning Specialists focus on four core areas to enhance a student's learning experience at Vermont Academy: Building Motivation and Confidence; Coaching for Executive Function and ADHD; Managing Long-term Projects, and Tutoring for Specific Subjects.

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  • 1. Building Motivation and Confidence

    A lack of motivation and confidence are often tightly intertwined in a student. Low motivation and confidence can manifest in a lack of attention, productivity, and performance. Helping a student build self-awareness, self-advocacy, and self-efficacy--as well as finding competency anchors in things he or she already loves and feels comfortable with--are what Vermont Academy's Learning Specialists do very well. Helping students unlock their potential is extremely rewarding work.
  • 2. Coaching for Executive Function and ADHD

    Many students struggle with executive function. This means they find it difficult to organize or regulate themselves. Sometimes this presents as an inability to organize a notebook, or to filter and choose appropriate interpersonal behaviors. Vermont Academy's experts in executive function use research-based approaches to offer strategies and tools to combat challenges that arise for students with difficulty in executive function.
  • 3. Managing Long-term Projects

    Project management is a skill that we often teach in the Learning Center, assisting a wide variety of students. One of Vermont Academy's missions is to prepare all students for college-level work. Therefore, teachers will often assign projects that require planning, organization, and discipline. Students must learn to manage their time, materials, and resources to achieve success. Our Learning Specialists teach students how to construct timelines and utilize approaches to complete projects on time and at a level of personal excellence.
  • 4. Tutoring for Specific Subjects

    In addition to partnering with students to improve executive function, organization, long-term planning, and general study skills, each Learning Specialist has expertise in specific subjects. Vermont Academy offers tutors who specialize in chemistry, biology, physics, all math subjects, history, writing, literature, and Spanish. All together, the Learning Center team has expert content knowledge in nearly every subject taught at the Academy.

Enrolling in Learning Skills is Viewed as Strength and Privilege

Prospective students often wonder whether it is viewed as a weakness to be enrolled in Learning Skills. The answer is a resounding, "No!" Students are proud to work with the Learning Skills team and watch their academic potential come to fruition. Learning Skills students often become leaders on campus. Many students who are not enrolled in Learning Skills will drop by the Learning Skills study hall to collaborate on projects. This is due in part to the academic success they see from their fellow students who benefit from Learning Skills support and mentoring.