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  • Photo of Jennifer Zaccara

    Dr. Jennifer Zaccara 

    Head of School
    (802) 869-6221
    Trinity College - BA and MA
    University of Connecticut - PhD
  • Ms. Kashanie Butler 

    Assistant to Head of School

The Vermont Academy Way

Vermont Academy teachers believe that the value of learning and knowledge cannot be fully realized if confined to the traditional classroom alone.  We cultivate a learning culture where our students’ individuality and ingenuity, our land, and our community liberate learning and knowledge for use in life. 

Therefore, Vermont Academy teachers employ a design-thinking mindset to provide educational experiences where students:
  • apply knowledge and creativity in authentic contexts to create real-world solutions.
  • explore knowledge inherent in our land to expand their understanding of our planet. 
  • engage with our community as stewards of equity and understanding.   
  • know they are valued, cared for, and given every opportunity to grow.